Amanda Froelich, Founder Bloom for Life

    Amanda Froelich is a social entrepreneur devoted to helping every individual create vibrant health and love the life they lead. A RHN (holistic nutritionist), live food & plant-based chef, ISD-certified Detoxification Specialist, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, avid writer, energy healer, and world traveler, she knows from experience the transformation that can take place when one makes conscious, natural living a priority.

    A believer in the power of intention, Universal intelligence, and healing when in alignment with Source, her #1 priority is to help others recognize that they already have all the tools they need to succeed… But tips and recipes don’t hurt either!

    She is the founder of Bloom for Life, an online resource that shares free plant-based recipes, articles of inspiration, and self-help resources for transformation. A travel addict, she currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand and enthusiastically supports the holistic endeavors of non-profit Organics4Orphans in Africa.