6 Sweet Alternatives to Toxic White Sugar


As I child I was hooked on sugar like you wouldn’t believe! My snacks were always a chocolate donut (with sprinkles, duh!) and a full can of soda. That snack right there had about 55 grams of sugar. That’s equivalent to eating four heaping tablespoons of sugar in just one snack.

It took years for me to stop eating that way. I was addicted. I had insane cravings that needed to be fulfilled. I would salivate at the thought of a krispy kreme donut, a cherry cheese strudel, or a roll of hubba bubba gum.

What is Sugar? 

In it’s authentic form, sugar is nothing but natural sugar cane. It’s the processing that turns it into crack for our systems. Sort of like with most foods. Processed foods are junk but had their original composition not been altered, they most likely would be full of nutrients.

Breaking the addiction

Because I was highly hooked, I needed major motivation to transition from the refined, white, powder sugar to a better quality. Here are a few reasons that helped motivate me to break the addiction:

  • When sugar is processed its natural nutrients are removed. So when we eat it, our bodies try to compensate for the lack of nutrients by leeching them from other parts of us. This leads to tooth decay, weak bones, and weak blood.
  • Sugar is cancer’s fertilizer. When you eat processed sugar, your blood sugar levels soar and way too much insulin is produced. This excess insulin promotes the growth of cancer cells.
  • Sugar suppresses your immune system. It seems like every day we hear about the latest thing that’s trying to kill us. In a world full of sickness we need a strong, optimally functioning immune system.

I love sweetness. We have our sweet taste buds for a reason! You can have your cake and eat it too! How? By using nature’s sweet nectar! The only reason I was easily able to wean from table sugar was because I didn’t miss it. I still had all the sweetness that I wanted, I was just no longer getting it from this white, processed powder, and instead I was getting it from mama nature.

It wasn’t sugar itself that I was in love with, it was the sweet sensation provided by sugar, and as soon as I upgraded the quality from which I was receiving this sweetness, my body detoxed effortlessly and painlessly.

6 Sugar Upgrades

1. Raw honey

Unless you’re a strict vegan, I would say that raw honey is the sweetener of choice. It’s definitely my favorite. Superfoods expert David Wolfe says to look for wild honey because it is lower in fructose and higher in trace minerals.

2. Maple syrup

Maple syrup is my favorite sweetener if I’m baking, and it is just divine in cobblers and cakes. It is also full of super beneficial minerals.

3. Stevia

Stevia is a plant that is typically grown in South America, and even though its extract is 200 times sweeter than sugar, it does not raise blood insulin levels. If you’re diabetic, have candida or cancer, or you’re just worried about your blood sugar levels, stevia is the way to go. Just make sure you choose the most purest form possible. Click here to learn how to make your own stevia extract.

4. Dates

Dates are very sweet. When I make almond milk I always use dates for the fiber content.

5. Coconut palm sugar

With a minimal effect on blood sugar levels, coconut palm sugar is emerging as the new sugar alternative favorite. Since its granulated like regular sugar, it makes an easy substitute in recipes.

6. Molasses

If you can handle its rich flavor, molasses is a super healthy addition to your diet. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, but be sure to select unsulfured, organic sugarcane molasses.

 Which natural sweetener is your favorite?


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