• Nutrition Ambassadors are provided with Affiliate links so you can work directly with your clients and get paid a 50% ambassador commission when you refer sales of Young and Raw programs in conjunction with your coaching or counselling.
  • All unpaid videos, blog posts and contributions will be compensated by sharing links to your personal website and social media sites and distributing this content throughout our vast network of well over 1 million people on the web.
  • Become an authority in your field through educational based content and marketing. By establishing yourself as a regular contributor either to the blog or the Youtube Channel as a video partner, you will have an opportunity to establish a connection with new clients, readers and customers for your business or brand.
  • If applicable to your business, and approved of by Young and Raw, you can offer 1-1 coaching on our coaching tab (with referral fee going to This helps our readers find someone to support them in their journey when they require one-on-one support, and helps you grow your business!

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