How to Save Time in the Kitchen and Have More Freedom!

How To Save Time In The Kitchen and Have More Freedom
How To Save Time In The Kitchen and Have More Freedom

If you are anything like me, then you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. As much as I love preparing delicious and healthy meals, I am also quite a time-starved person, so I want to keep things as efficient as possible when I am making my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is one of the best things about eating raw foods- often a meal can be as simple as throwing some fruit or veg in the blender and whizzing it up to make a delicious and filling soup. I also find that preparing simple salads and other raw dishes such as zucchini pasta are much quicker than cooking up a meal.

However, there are a few tricks that I have found for making raw food prep even speedier.

1. Be-friend your processor

Make the most of the attachments on your food processor. I love the grating blade on my food processor for grating carrot and cabbage for a salad in seconds. There is also a blade for slicing, which is great for slicing zucchini and carrot into perfect rounds. It takes literally seconds and saves heaps of time in chopping the food yourself with a knife.

2. Speed Clean your blender

I saw my assistant who helps me on raw food classes cleaning my blender by filling it with warm, soapy water and then putting it back onto the base and whizzing it. This is a trick that is so simple, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. All you have to do is pour the soapy water out and your blender is clean!

3. Batch Prepare

I love to prepare batches of things like salad dressings, so that I always have a couple of varieties ready to go in the fridge. I use my magic bullet blender to whizz up a dressing or vinaigrette and keep the dressing in the jar with the lid on it, in the fridge. Most dressings keep for at least a week, and having them ready to go makes making up a salad super easy!

4. Wash and then store

As soon as I get home from the market with my fruit and veg, I unpack them from my grocery bag and wash everything immediately. I fill the kitchen sink with water and use bicarb or an organic veggie wash to soak everything in. Then I put everything on the plate drainer to dry before putting them away. By doing this, I know that everything has already been washed and is ready to go when I want it- saving me heaps of time when it comes to actually preparing a meal.

Do you have any time saver tips or tricks that you employ in your kitchen? Share your ideas below!


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