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Originality: We only accept posts that contain 100% original content. If the post has been published on another site, blog, book, app, or if the content has been plagiarized in any way then we won’t post it.

Tone: Content published on YoungandRaw.com is positive, upbeat, personable and friendly. Be personal, write just like you are talking to a close friend.

Content: The sky’s the limit when it comes to topics relating to Holistic Health, Wellness and Nutrition. How can you add to another article that may have already been featured on YoungandRaw.com, or put your own twist on a popular topic?

Word Count: Your posts can be as few as 300-500 words depending on the type of post. Recipe posts can be shorter. Although there is no minimum, we recommend that your posts be less than 800 words.

We’re not interested in publishing SEO driven content by freelance writers. If you’re looking to publish an article on YoungandRaw.com to boost SEO efforts, or if you plan to link to a company or product that doesn’t align with our message, we’re not interested.

Our core values: Authenticity, unconditional love, open mindedness, balance, intuitive eating, non-dogmatic, non-judgemental, open to various eating styles and plant-based friendly.

Share with your community: Once your post is published, please share it with your social media and email community, we’ll do the same. We take notice when our readers enjoy the content you’re producing and this will get you a front row seat on the website from time to time!

When You Get Accepted: Since we don’t compensate our writers, you are welcome to add links to your website and social media channels in your bio, which we’ll promote to hundreds of thousands of our fans and readers. Bio’s should be brief, 4-5 sentences max.

We Appreciate Our Contributors: While we would love to be able to connect with each writer individually, at times when submissions are high our team may not have the opportunity to reach out to you one on one. Our editing team will carefully review each submitted article, so if you don’t see your post live within 10 days, you can submit a new one. If your article is published, you will begin to receive emails from our lead editor at least once per month.

Before submitting your post to Young and Raw: Please agree to our Terms of service and understand that our editorial team has full discretion to edit your post and headline as needed.

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