How To Transition To a Fully Fledged Plant-Based Diet Without Even Realising It

With the sharp rise in obesity and other food-related health conditions over the last 50 years, more and more of us are looking towards a plant-based diet.

Yet diets are so often associated with restriction, deprivation and the need for superhuman willpower.

…But a plant-based diet is needn’t be this way.

  1. The first thing to note is that going plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean becoming vegetarian or vegan or paleo or whatever else. “Plant-based” is a loose term for a reason. It isn’t entrenched in ethical debates or hard fast labels. There are no sides, which means this is open to everyone.

  2. The second thing to note is that “diet” means “the kinds of foods a person habitually eats”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Plant-based is simply a reminder and its message is this: Prioritise plant-based foods.

…Vegetables, berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, pseudo-grains, legumes etc.

Eat them.

That’s pretty doable right.

My number one tip for transitioning to a plant-based diet and not even realising it:

Focus on making additions to your diet, rather than eliminations.

Eliminating foods from your diet (commonly sugar, saturated fats, gluten, dairy, meat and soy) can be daunting. No one wants to feel like they are “losing out”, and so your subconscious may sabotage your efforts.

Instead, focus firstly on including more plants into your diet. This could be a smoothie breakfast bowl, a salad, an extra portion of veg, a healthy snack…

Since fresh, whole foods have a high water content they are naturally low in calories meaning you can eat your fill – there’s no feeling deprived like traditional diets. Plus, since they are packed with nutrients, you are giving your body exactly what it is asking for – as opposed to processed foods that leave you hungry for nutrients.

So just look for ways to add plants to your plate. Start with one meal a day if you like. Got that down? Now try another meal. Ok so you’re getting more and more greens into your day, now let’s get a little more creative (don’t worry, you don’t have to wrack your brains, just browse through plant-based recipes for ideas). 

As you eat more plants, your taste buds will adjust. The veil will lift and you will see the processed foods you once craved for what they really are. You won’t need to actively remove them from your diet, they just no longer fit.

Before you know it you will have grown that ‘side salad’ into the main feature and you won’t be disappointed. Your plate will be full of different colours, textures and flavours. You’ll feel full and satisfied.

Remember, the starting point is just that. So go get started. Each time you eat ‘real’ food it’s a win. 

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At the time, I didn’t know I had endometriosis left to resolve – I just thought I had excruciatingly bad periods. Nevertheless, I got to work figuring out why. By the time I received my official diagnosis, I already had my endometriosis under control through a natural approach. 

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