4 Success Rituals to Master Your Mornings and Dominate Your Day

master your morning routine

Designing your perfect morning is all about priming you to be in a state of awesomeness so the rest of your day follows suit. When you start your mornings on the right note (instead of hitting snooze 20 times, then hauling out of bed and wolfing down a bagel with coffee), anything that may occur during your day is easier to deal with, becomes more enjoyable and you just live better!

It’s been PROVEN! People with morning rituals, routines, or habits are MORE successful, happier and healthier than those without!

So let’s quit hating on mornings and start MASTERING them. In this post I share with you four of my top eight morning habits that have transformed my mornings and therefor, my life.

Habit Number 1: Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

You can’t expect to wake up refreshed, energized and ready to seize the day when you’re exhausted because you just HAD to catch up on Scandal and didn’t get to bed till way past midnight.

When you don’t get enough sleep not only does this affect your energy levels, but you wake up moody, cranky, and constantly hungry because lack of sleep makes your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin malfunction

The TV, social media, email, and text messages will all be there the next day. Nothing’s going to happen to them if you just let them wait until the next day to be dealt with. That stuff isn’t as important as you’ve made it out to be! If you want to dominate your day, get enough sleep!

Habit Number 2: Utilize N.E.T time for personal growth.

I learned about N.E.T time from the amazing Tony Robbins and it stands for, No Extra Time.

So many people complain they don’t have time to read books, they don’t have time to work on becoming a better person, blah, blah, blah, blah. Personal growth is beyond important! What you feed your mind on a daily basis creates your experience of life.

All of us have tasks each day that occupy our bodies but not our minds. For example, driving, cleaning, mowing the lawn, cooking, etc. Instead of “zoning out” and frittering away those precious minutes, what if you used that time to feed your mind with information designed specifically to enhance your life?

You can utilize N.E.T time while you’re getting dressed for the day and making your breakfast. During this time you should be listening to something that’s going to inspire, motivate, educate, teach you something new, and/or help you grow. Listen to podcasts, audio books, or youtube videos that will uplift you.

By the time you’re done getting ready you will have accumulated a nice chunk of time listening to personal development. Just imagine the awesome day you will have when you’re that amped up, that inspired, that motivated and educated by what you just heard!

Habit Number 3: Write out goals & visualize them.

Every morning I write out my goals. As I write each one, I take a minute to visualize myself accomplishing my goal.

I imagine what my life will be like once I do. What the new things are that I can now do thanks to my accomplished goal. For that minute I HAVE achieved my goal and am now experiencing the awesomeness that comes with this.

Due to the overwhelm of life, all the hustle and bustle and daily demands, it’s really easy to get off course and forget what you’re working towards. It’s really easy to get consumed with the minutia of every day life and settle for less than you deserve. By writing out your goals every morning they are kept right there, front and center in your mind. You are reminded every day of what you’re working towards, and the visualization process helps to motivate and excite you!

Write out your goals and spend a minute each visualizing them. Really savor that minute and go deep. Really give it all your mental power and see yourself accomplishing that goal, feel the proudness, feel the accomplishment, feel the high that comes from achieving something you’ve worked hard for, something you’ve been really wanting. The more you feel it, the higher your unique energy will vibrate and the faster that goal will become your reality.

Habit Number 4: Plan your day.

At this point you are in peak state to dominate your life. You can now write out your to-do list from a place of inspiration, gratitude and motivation. Now instead of being a time consuming to-do list, it becomes your day’s guide for living an awesome life. Now that list contains all sorts of steps that are going to help get that much closer to the goals you just visualized.

Write out your to-do list, take that list and go do it! 

Go live it. Go take those steps that will bring you closer to your goals. Commit to it. Cut out all meaningless distractions that are not going to propel you forward. Take inspired action and go live your awesome day.

And just like that, you have created a miracle morning. Imagine all that you can accomplish when you come from this inspired and motivated space.

Just like that you have become the master of your mornings, and by connection, your life.

Connie Trowbridge


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