7 Ways Lemons Heal!

1. Skin: Did you know that lemons have long been used for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties but also come packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants that heal and create healthy, glowing skin? 

2. Liver Cleansing: Lemons are helpful in cleansing the liver, which is responsible for processing toxins and hormones. Add a fresh squeezed lemon to your morning water to cleanse and strengthen your immune system.

3. Anti-inflammatory: While lemons are acidic in nature, they are actually “alkaline forming” meaning they become alkaline in your body thus they have been used for their anti-inflammatory properties by arthritis patients, 

4. Weight Loss/Cleansing: Lemons are blood purifying fruits, and can aid in digestion. Squeezing lemon onto your food or into your water will help your body properly metabolise a heavy meal. Some scientists even say lemons aid in weight loss. 

5. Toothache: Try some lemon juice on the gum area to relieve pain and stop the bleeding. 

6. Sunburn: Run some lemon juice on your skin to prevent your skin from getting worse after a burn. They are a natural anti-septic so using lemons on your skin can also help with acne and eczema.

7. Cold/Sore Throat: Lemons are anti-bacterial in nature so squeeze lemon juice into your drink or onto your food if you have a throat infection to help kill bad bacteria and speed up the healing process. (Celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon is a great combo for sore colds and sore throats – blend in a smoothie.)

What other ways can you think of to use lemons for improving your health and well being? Share ideas below!

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