Anti-Nausea Banana Smoothie

Anti-Nausea Banana Smoothie
Anti-Nausea Banana Smoothie

Feeling nauseous is no fun. Here is my quick and easy smoothie that I have used to help my friends and family feel better when their tummies are unhappy.


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup very cold water – The cold is very important
  • ½ inch piece ginger

Instructions: Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Sip slowly.

3 Reasons Why this Smoothie Rawks:

1. The bananas have a very soothing effect on the digestive tract, and can help to calm the waves of nausea that most experience when they are feeling ill.

2. The cool temperature of the drink is often soothing, especially when a fever is involved.

3. Ginger is one of the oldest and most commonly used remedies for nausea, and for good reason.  It has a strong affinity for the digestive tract, and will soothe, cleanse and calm the intestines.

Ali Washington

Ali Washington is an inspirational speaker, author and coach who believes that health and wellness should not only be easy and natural, but also fun. Through techniques acquired from life coaching, yoga, psychology, nutrition and energy medicine, Ali works to empower those who cross her path to learn to trust their own bodies, minds and emotions. She believes that YOU are the expert on you, and she is simply there to offer you tools and techniques for reacquainting yourself with your own inner knowledge. ind her book The Perception Diet Here: