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Since the time I was a teenager, I have been involved in some way shape or form in healthy holistic living and promoting it to those around me. From juicing, to becoming a fitness teacher, to yoga and eating a whole foods organic diet, I have committed to living my healthiest life possible. I am passionate about my wellbeing and that of others and our next generation. I commit to this endeavour now and always! I spent my childhood laughing, playing until dark, riding my bike freely and enjoying life! I was also sensitive. I absorbed much of what went on around me. I worried a lot, mostly about getting sick and about my safety. Ironically, I was rarely sick and I was always safe. Fast forward 20 years and this anxiety stayed with me. The older I got the more intensely it grew. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga that I was able to understand that if I changed my thoughts, I changed my reality. Talk about powerful. In 2008 Child’s Pose Yoga was born (it came to life in 2011 after ‘stumbling’ upon Quadra Island on a summer vacation). In 2009, after 10 years of practice, I enrolled in Langara College’s Yoga Teacher Training. I took kids’ yoga teacher training that same year. Having spent many years as a camp counselor, kids’ dance teacher I thought this would be a natural complement the yoga teaching training, and it was! I wanted to teach kids what I had learned. I wanted to offer a different way to experience life’s up and downs. I discovered how to manage it through the gift that was my yoga practice. For years I searched both internally and externally for answers as to my purpose here in earth, and then it dawned on me - I could take my experiences and turn them into something valuable for others. I could offer children a glimpse of what life could be like with more ease and less anxiety, more compassion and less judgment, more generosity and less greed and all around more heart. It is in that place that Child’s Pose lives. I want to live in this kind of world and if I want to live in it I must create it, daily. I teach from a place of experience, never expectation. I share what I have learned firsthand and how it has changed the way I see the world. Yes, I have moments of anxiety, fear, despair, elation, and all of the emotions that I did when I was younger; the difference is that now they don’t rule me. Emotions arise, I thank them for their opportunities to practice awareness, and then I let them go with as much ease and grace as possible. I would be humbled to share what I’ve learned with your children with the intention of creating a more peaceful world, for them, and for everyone. From my heart to yours and your children’s’, thank you for visiting Child’s Pose Yoga. Blessings and peace.