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Kibby Miller is a landscaper by trade, with a passion for her Vitamix and healthy living. Kibby's passion for food and health started several years ago when she decided to take her health issues (digestive problems, allergies, just to name a few) into her own hands. Researching food and nutrition is a passion along with cooking and preparing wholesome meals that are plant based. She loves to share recipes and information to assist others to take their own health to the next level. She aims to ignite the spark of light in you to see the connection between the body (food & exercise), mind (change your old thoughts/ perceptions/ attitudes to NEW, positive ones with affirmations and BELIEVING in them till you LIVE them), and Spirit (Loving & accepting yourself unconditionally that it opens yourself to a source that responds in kind.) The power to heal is WITHIN you! Kibby writes a blog where she shares recipes, organic gardening, DIY tips, natural pet care and more. She currently resides in North Georgia with her husband, three dogs and a cat.