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Sofia is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic & health nut, raised on green drinks, natural healing, & an innate passion for helping others reclaim their health. Her love of the human body & background in personal training led her to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Northridge. Sofia has competed in NPC bikini competitions, is a vegan bodybuilding spokesperson, self-published author, & a Live Foods Chef. Currently, she resides on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, where she studies Herbology & enjoys foraging for wild edibles, gardening, & paddleboarding. She believes every person should be able to enjoy an abundant life full of vibrant health & has made it her life mission to help improve the lives of all those she encounters.You can connect with her via her athlete page: www.facebook.com/RVbikini, or her blog: www.rawsplendent.com. She has released a competition guide to plant powered prep as well which you can check out at: www.rawsplendent.com/againstthetideguide.