Why I’m Grateful For My Depression


If you were to ask me what things I’m most grateful for in my life, depression would be high on that list. Yes, I’m grateful for my depression.

Now, I say that without sarcasm and I do not intend to belittle the struggle or suffering that comes with it. I have spent countless hours exploring darkness and despair — questioning my existence before I was old enough for employment.

Why am I here? Why does this all matter?

My depression was filled with big questions and even bigger bouts of introspection. My greatest adventures played out in the depths of my inner self, one who had been kept shielded away from the rest of the world for too long.

My greatest feat was containing and blocking it for so long… until I finally spoke up.

I’ve enjoyed amazing opportunities, and great challenges, but nothing has pushed me to my limits and forced me to grow more than my depression. For all of the books, classes, and insightful talks I have taken in so far, nothing has taught me more about myself and life than the excruciating examinations of my inner, true self.

I have gained vital insights into how I think, feel, and see the world around me. What an incredible, free education this provides! Most importantly, in the search for a way to start talking and facing my depression, I found powerful meaning for my life.

Nothing has pushed me to my limits and forced me to grow more than my depression.

In sharing my story through photos, I was able to see the impact that this had on others and how anyone else could apply these same techniques for their own life and struggles. A large need became blatantly apparent to me and from that moment The One Project was born.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days. I have days where I question everything. Days where I would slap myself for showing gratitude towards the insane hell that depression can be.

But, as I continue to explore and accept my true self (using what I’ve learned over the years of overcoming my deepest depression) these days become fewer and farther between.

The days of struggle condense into a few hours before I implement my tools to help refresh my body and mind to a better state.

A shift in our perspective of how we view depression needs to happen, so that we can realize the immense value that comes with the struggle.

We should not feel ashamed, but rather grateful that we are given the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and discover a greater meaning for our lives.

Just like physical fitness, our mind and soul cannot grow without first being stretched beyond our current capacity. This is your call to grow.

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Bryce Evans