You Only Need 4 Ingredients to Make this Silk Chocolate Mini Cake (It’s Vegan!)

silkcake2When I was a kid, treats such as candy, cakes and chocolate were given to me as a reward for good behaviour. Unfortunately this led me to have a very unhealthy relationship with these types of foods. As a young adult I used these foods for comfort, when I was feeling unhappy. One of my favourite comfort foods was chocolate cake and I had no problem going back for seconds. Of course that was followed by tons of guilt and a sugar crash that made me feel even hungrier than before.
By the time I was 26 I was pre-diabetic and my health was in a full-blown free-fall. I knew it was time to break up with my bad eating habits. One of my first thoughts was, ‘will I ever get to have dessert again or am I destined to eat bland health food for the rest of my life?’
I decided to educate myself and learn as much as possible about plant-based foods. I started to experiment and was able to create some very delicious and very nutritious plant-based meals, including desserts.
The first thing I noticed when I had a dessert that was made from mostly plant-based foods, was that I could have a small portion and feel very satisfied plus I didn’t get the sugar crash I would normally get from processed sweets. The more plant-based foods I ate, the happier and healthier I felt. I was motivated by these positive changes and the longer I continued on this healthy path, the less I was tempted by processed food.
My relationship with food today is a very healthy one; it is based on respecting my body and mind by eating clean, plant-based foods with every meal, including dessert. Recently I created a recipe for Silk Chocolate Mini Cake. It is no-bake and super easy to make.  So the next time you feel like a piece of chocolate cake, try this gluten-free chocolate cake; you will feel completely satisfied and guilt-free!

Silk Chocolate Mini Cake

Makes one 4 inch Cake
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons cacao powder
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup or honey
  •  ¼ cup hemp seeds
How to Prepare: Blend all your ingredients together in a food processor until the texture is pudding like. Place your batter into your mini cake pan and garnish with more hemp seed pressed with a fork. Let your cake set in your refrigerator for 1 hour. So simple! So delicious! Enjoy!


Adam Hart

Author at Power of Food
Adam Hart is the bestselling author of The Power of Food which shares the secrets of achieving optimal health through living, plant-based foods. Highly sought after speaker and champion of intention-based living, Adam shares how to awaken an abundance of energy and vitality without giving up your favourite foods. Visit him online to take his newest "7 Day Gluten-Free Challenge."