11 Incredible Ways to Feel Superhuman Every Day

11 Incredible Ways to Feel Superhuman Every Day

We all get ‘out-of-whack’ from time to time and we don’t necessarily know how we got there but we sure feel it once we’ve arrived. If any of these resonate with you it might be time for a little (or a lot) self-care.

Here are 6 signs you may be living an imbalanced life

  1. Finding it hard to concentrate on the positive
  2. Eating foods you know don’t make you feel good
  3. Not wanting to get out of bed or not wanting to go to sleep
  4. Not doing the things you love and things that feel good
  5. Using you phone, computer or other vices as distractions to avoid what ‘is’
  6. Feeling unsettled, anxious or nervous

Having a bank of self-care techniques will help you in these moments of imbalance. It often only takes a slight change in perspective and feeling to get back on track.

Here are 11 amazing ways to help you feel like the superhuman you are.

1. Make a list of the things that make you happy – Do them

2. Make a list of the foods that make you feel great – Eat them

3. Light some candles and listen to your favourite music

4. Tap it out using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

5. Go to a yoga class

6. Sweat – use the sauna or get some exercise

7. Get a massage or give yourself a head-to-toe oil or lotion massage

8. Get out nature

9. Focus on small tasks that you can complete rather than feeling overwhelmed with the larger picture

10. Spend some time with babies or kids

11. Get clarity through contrast – write out all the things in life you DON’T want including how you don’t want to feel, look or be then write out all the things in life that you DO want including how you want to feel, look and be. Day to-day focus on what you do want and bring energy to this. Don’t waste your time or energy on what you don’t want.


Rachelle Girardin

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