2 Ways to Grow Your Own Food in a Small Space

2 Ways to Save Time & Grow Food in a Small Space

No doubt a plant-based whole foods diet can improve all facets of your life in many ways. By eating food that is nurtured from seed to plate, we respect this plant in its role to fuel our bodies with the most healthful and nutrient dense properties available to us. One thing to always remember though is that this food we indulge in and discuss in depth cannot be taken for granted. Truth is, the grocery store may not always be there and if it is, with price increases due to the new “organic” movement, one may not always be able to choose the food we would like to eat as the pocket book dwindles – I for one am speaking from experience.

By planting your own garden, you take the first steps to becoming sustainable and self sufficient in regards to feeding yourself with the food you choose. You’ll also become much more aware of the growing process and the care that it takes to grow organic, nutrient dense food at home. If you live in a small space, have no fear. There are so many ways to incorporate tower gardens or wall gardens with little materials that take up a fraction of space verses the traditional outdoor garden.

The Tower Garden

Tall and strong, you can easily grow over 20 plants in a small 2.5 feet x 2.5 foot area. This vertical garden using an aeroponic or hydroponic, soilless system will grow food much faster than if it were growing in the ground with much less mess. There are many do-it-yourself youtube videos on how to make your own aeroponic/hydroponic tower garden or you can even buy a pre-made one here.


Window Sill Herb Garden

The Window Sill Herb Garden

Even the smallest space with a teeny tiny window can grow herbs that boost nutritional intake. Try cilantro and parsley for their ability to chelate heavy metals – heavy metal toxins can lead to several debilitating effects from infertility to severe depression. Basil provides DNA protection and has anti-bacterial properties. The flavonoids found in basil provide protection against oxidation and radiation at the cellular level.

When you grow your own food, you take charge of your own food source and avoid questioning where it came from, if it contains GMO or if it truly is organic plus you’ll save a lot of money in the process.


Danielle Arsenault