5 Teas to Help You Feel How You Want


Teas and herbal infusions have a remarkable ability to influence how we feel. Whether it’s a pick-me-up on a sluggish morning, or something smoothing to promote calm and sleep after a busy day, sipping on one of these hot beverages can help get you into the right frame of mind.

There are many types of tea, as well as herbal infusions (aka tisanes), and include white, green, oolong, black, mate, guarana and pu-erh.

Here are a few of my favorites that help set the right mood.

1. Tea to get you motivated to workout:

Rich in tea catechins and antioxidants, matcha is a great choice to get in the mood to exercise. Not only will you’ll feel stronger and more energized, but some studies suggests matcha helps improve endurance. Plus, drinking matcha (or any form of green tea) before a work out boosts metabolism and fat mobilization. Please note though that matcha does contain caffeine, however it doesn’t spike the body in the same way that regular caffeine does.

2. Tea to help you savor the moment:

Oolong teas are almost always offered as loose leaf and certain styles are frequently rolled into tight balls as they’re drying. Watching a tightly rolled oolong ball unfurl, while it releases its fragrance will surely help to bring you into the present moment. Oolong tea can also be one of the most complex teas, encouraging you to become aware of your senses: whether it’s a woodsy, roasted nose, or the scent of rose and ocean breeze, followed by a bold toasted palette, or the subtle hints of citrus flowers in spring time. Preparing and sipping oolong is a full on sensory experience, inviting you to notice and savor the present moment.

3. Tea to help you feel cleansed and purified: 

The least processed of the teas, white tea, has a very light flavor and body, yet it supplies a wealth of antioxidants. The abundance of natural plant compounds (known as flavonoids) in white tea help make it one of the most effective at scavenging free radicals and reducing inflammation. White tea is also high in anti-microbial properties, helping to clean the mouth and freshen the breath. It will surely become your go-to to feel clean and refreshed.

4. Tea to help you be productive and alert:

While tea, coffee, and soda are the most common caffeine-containing beverages, other herbs also contain caffeine-like stimulants, making them excellent options to help boost mental activity and focus. Look for tisanes (teas) made with guarana, yerba mate, or it’s cousins guayusa and yaupon, all of which can help set the tone for productivity.

5. Tea to help relax the mind and get you ready for sleep:

At the end of a busy day, sometimes the last thing your brain is prepared to do is relax. The anxious thoughts of all that happened and all that needs to be done can lead to insomnia. An infusion of passion flower can reduce anxiety, slow the racing mind, and help alleviate sleeplessness. The adaptogenic fruit, schisandra berry, can help with managing the underlying stress, promote calm, and reduce insomnia.

Whether you’re wanting to feel more energized, more productive, or more at peace, consider the power of preparing, sipping, and benefiting from a beautiful tea or herbal tisane.

Toffler Niemuth