5 Thyroid Friendly Foods if You Have Low Thyroid

Thyroid Friendly Foods

Feeling tired and sluggish even when you get a good nights sleep? Exercising and eating right but still can’t seem to lose that last 10 pounds? These are common symptoms of low-thyroid, low t3 production also known as hypo-thyroid. Among obvious things to avoid like sugar, processed foods, and alcohol, there are some foods that are important to add to your diet as well to help your thyroid imbalance heal.

1. Sea vegetables
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Sea veggies are a natural source of iodine which helps to boost thyroid production. They are also incredibly protective against many cancers and offer a nourishing source of minerals to the body.

2. Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts Selenium is crucial for thyroid production, and fortunately, brazil nuts offer an even more absorbable source of selenium than supplements. Just 1-2 nuts a day is all you need, and you can over do it with brazil nuts so just take them sparingly each day as your selenium source.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables 

Shed Water Weight with this Green Smoothie As with any disease or imbalance in the body, fresh fruits and vegetables including plenty of leafy greens is important for your thyroid. The less your body has to fight to process foreign fillers and sugars, the more time it has to heal and balance itself out. Some people say to avoid cruciferous vegetables with low thyroid, but having some each day is usually ok, just be sure to get enough iodine in your diet.

4. Maca 

What is Maca Root Maca is a wonderful superfood that supports and enhances hormonal balance, libido and mood. It’s also a thyroid friendly root that can help your body come into balance. Some love the flavor, some don’t. Add it to chocolate smoothies or desserts.

5. Chlorophyll 

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Chlorophyll is essentially plant-blood, rich in phytonutrients and found in all leafy greens. Try to get at least a few cups of greens in per day. Green smoothies or juices are an excellent way to do this!

Sheleana Aiyana

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