These 4 Women Ate Raw Food for 21 Days, Wow this Is Amazing!

Raw Food Weight Loss

1. Julie Wilson

The 21 Day Cleanse and Detox Changed My Life

Here are the results I achieved:

  • I no longer require iron IV treatments
  • I no longer take anti-depressants
  • I no longer have the numbing, tingling and pain of my arthritic hands
  • My cholesterol levels are perfect
  • My blood pressure is back to a normal range
  • I no longer look in the mirror and see a tired old lady! I have friends asking me “what the heck have you done?”
  • I lost a total of 31 lbs during the course of the 21 Day Reset and the month following with the Young and Raw 30 Day Meal Plan
  • I have regained my energy
  • My skin looks and feels amazing
  • The whites of my eyes got whiter
  • The dark circles under my eyes diminished

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2. April


Here were the results of my 21 Day Raw Food Reset Cleanse:

  • I lost 18 pounds during the cleanse
  • My skin cleared up majorly
  • My nails got stronger
  • Teeth got whiter
  • I slept better than I ever had and I just became stronger overall
  • I was able to push through workouts I had struggled with so much before. I have continued with a smoothie everyday and follow the raw meal plans until dinner where I have a cooked meal with my family.
  • All in all I lost a total of 71 lbs last year!”

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3. Julie

Julie Hunter Young and Raw Transformation Ambassador

In just 21 days this is what happened to me:

  • I lost a total of 15.4 pounds
  • My skin improved dramatically
  • My teeth got whiter
  • I lost inches off my waist
  • I had tons of energy
  • We saved money from eating at home
  • I gained a confidence in myself that I could change for real this time

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4. Linda

linda after

In 21 days, this is what I experienced

  • I started dreaming when I slept. Which I am told shows that you are in a deeper sleep. I think because of this the knots in my body from Fibromyalgia have disappeared and I do not have any symptoms at all!
  • I lost 10 pounds during the 21 Day Reset and 3 more in the days following without ever going hungry.
  • I have been told that my skin looks glowing, and when you are 66 that is a great compliment!
  • I have always worked out but my body did not sweat. This may sound great but I have passed out due to this. When I walk or workout in the yard I now sweat, not just under my arms but my head and body (the weather is in the 90’s here with high humidity). My body works with me not against me.
  • I have started paying attention to what is in the products I use whether on or in my body. Before, if it said natural flavorings, I thought “great this is good!” Now I know to stay clear.

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21 Day Raw Food Reset Cleanse

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