9 Natural Pain Killers that Actually Work

Inflammation is a natural part of our immune system, but when it’s happening on a consistent basis it can eventually cause side effects like chronic pain and discomfort. Many people seek relief from chronic pain by trying out a high raw lifestyle.

Put simply, the types of hormone-like fats called prostaglandins that are formed from animal foods like meat, cheese and milk increase your systems inflammatory reaction. On the other hand, increasing one’s intake of omega 3 and 6 fats from plant sources can actually help control inflammatory processes by upregulating the formation of inflammation-fighting prostaglandins.

Natural Pain Relief Foods and Supplements

  1. Turmeric

  2. Ginger

  3. Vitamin C

  4. Flaxseeds

  5. Astaxanthin

  6. Apples

  7. Bromelain

  8. Resveratrol

  9. Strawberries

The many foods that are naturally rich in omega 3 and anti-inflammatory forms of omega 6 such as GLA are excellent for inflammation control, joint health, cell membrane structure and optimal recovery after a workout. Try to include a serving or two of flax seeds, chia seeds or cold-pressed evening primrose oil for a daily dose of these essential fatty acids.

Pretty much any berry will make another fantastic addition to your anti-inflammatory diet as they contain high levels of antioxidants that can quench dangerous free radicals, which helps to support inflammation control. Among the highest in antioxidant activity are acai berries, blueberries, goji berries and strawberries.

Some of the most effective and popular supplements to help combat inflammation are vitamin C, turmeric and the proteolytic enzyme bromelain. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant needed to maintain your immune system, adrenal function and ongoing cardiovascular health.

Pineapple cores contain high concentrations of the enzyme bromelain, which by assisting in the breakdown of proteins can help prevent improper digestion of your food. If undigested food compounds are allowed to travel further down the digestive tract than intended, they can potentially increase the chance of developing an allergenic response. Bromelain has also been used to successfully treat patients before and after surgery to reduce their symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Turmeric is another of the most well-known natural pain relievers that are widely available. It’s been used traditionally in many cultures to help relieve inflammation, increase antioxidant status and support liver function. It also makes an amazing digestive aid, so feel free to add a little of the powdered root to your next homemade soup or curry!

Lastly, if you’re currently suffering from chronic pain, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re drinking lots of fresh water as this will help tremendously in your ongoing healing process. And as always, try to include as many sources of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Madeleine Brown