Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Graceful Aging


Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Graceful Aging
Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Graceful Aging

Why is it that once we find ourselves well and truly into adulthood, we start to panic about impending birthdays? The truth is, age really is just a number and provided we are doing the right things to our bodies, we can feel younger today than we did 10 years ago.

Beauty, Inside and Out…

Forget cosmetic surgery and pharmaceutical medicine to keep us looking and feeling young, how about reversing the aging process from the inside out? It’s all about getting back to the basics.  By following a healthy lifestyle, staying active and eating a nutrient-packed diet, we can help slow the aging process and decrease our risk of age-related diseases, including osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.

Eat Well

We truly are what we eat and our diet plays a huge part in how we look and feel as we age. Its obvious that a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, high in anti-oxidants and good fats will help us age well, but do we understand how much processed food, fat, sugar, salt and alcohol is affecting our ability to age gracefully?

So, which nutrients in particular are going to help me reverse those years you ask?  How about looking at incorporating the following into your diet and watch the clock turn back some years:

Holding Organic Wild Blueberries
Holding Organic Wild Blueberries

Berries: Berries such as blackberries, mulberries, acai berries and other berries contain flavonoids that provide anti- aging and anti- cancer benefits.

Green vegetables: Green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli etc. contain phytochemicals which work to reduce age related diseases.

Green tea: Green tea has a thermogenic effect on the body which helps to reduce weight, cancer, heart disease and cholesterol.

Garlic : Garlic helps to decrease blood pressure and reduces heavy metals present in the body.

Wild salmon: Wild salmon is a good fat that will reduce inflammation and improve heart health. It will also help the skin look and feel youthful.

Water : Not drinking enough water will leave you dehydrated and therefore feeling lethargic. I recommend a minimum 1.5L of water a day.

Whole grains: Whole grains are high in fiber which helps trim the waistline. It reduces the occurrence of visceral fat (fat around your organs) and therefore reduces the risk of weight related diseases.

Honey : it is believed that honey helps memory function and also helps to reduce the occurrence of anxiety as we age.

Nuts: Nuts are another good fat that improve skin health, cardio ability and general heart health.

Sleep Well

The power of regular and rejuvenating sleep cannot be over emphasized.  Many health experts believe that sleep may be the most important factor for health that there is.  It is also one of the main beauty secrets of many celebrities and beauty pageant winners.  You should be getting a minimum of seven hours a night, with at least an hour of those before midnight, ideally.  Get yourself into a regular sleeping schedule, make sure you are getting quality sleep, and do whatever you need to in order to stick with this habit long-term for amazing health and beauty.

Exercise Well

Don’t forget exercise! Resistance training helps to increase bone mineral density, making your bones stronger for longer and also help to boost energy and vitality.  More and more research shows that working out can help your brain, bones, heart, and skin look better in addition to making us act younger.  If you choose to incorporate an exercise like yoga, you may also find many spiritual/emotional benefits that will help you keep your youthful energy.

So incorporating these simple steps I intend to embrace every birthday each year, proud of the fact that I look and feel healthier and younger each day, and I hope that you will too!


Rachelle Bayley

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