DIY Non-Toxic Bug Spray: Fend off Bug Bites with Essential Oils!

Keep Bugs Away with Essential Oils

Do you ever find yourself out and about somewhere swarming with mosquitoes and other little buggies? If you want to keep the bugs away without dousing yourself in chemicals, try using essential oils!

Most any essential oil can be used as a bug repellant.  Some of them are more friendly for applying to the skin than others. Try diluting 30-50 drops in 8-10 oz of jojoba oil or water. Some great oils to try are peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, clove, neem, cinnamon and rosemary. Apply to the skin using a spray bottle and you are good to go!

Essential Oils

Here’s a base recipe for bug repellent:

  • 8-10 oz jojoba or almond oil
  • 10 drops tea tree oil
  • 10 drops neem oil (very smelly – be warned!)
  • 10 drops cinnamon oil
  • 5 drops clove oil

Instructions: In a glass spritzer or dropper bottle, combine your oils and gently shake before spraying or dabbing onto skin.

Contraindications: Be very careful applying essential oils to children or pregnant women. Many essential oils are contraindicated during pregnancy, and children have much more sensitive skin than adults. Always do a a “test patch” before applying these oils to your skin, and add more jojoba or almond oil if you’re extra sensitive.

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