How I Dropped 5 Pounds by Changing My Afternoon Routine

How I Dropped 5 Pounds by Changing My Afternoon Routine

Just by making simple, proactive changes to my afternoon routine, I was able to lose 5 pounds, reduce my stress levels, and improve my digestion.  See if you’re making the same mistakes I was and learn ways to optimize your afternoon to get rid of those pesky pounds and feel more energetic.

Every afternoon between 2-3 pm, my energy level would sink and I’d struggle to focus on what I was doing, often reading the same sentence 3-4 times. When this happened my instinct was to go downstairs, outside for a brief walk to the nearest convenience store.  Despite the fact that I was rarely hungry, I always happened to come back with a candy bar or a sugary, caffeinated drink.

After consuming my little purchase, I’d feel better for a bit and be able to return to working, now on a sugar high. As the weeks went on like this, my belly was getting flabbier and I was increasingly experiencing digestive discomfort. This combination of not feeling well and getting softer around the middle was causing me to stress out.

Eventually, I realized something had to change. In consult with my Chinese Medicine doctor, she recommended I drink tea instead.

Surprisingly, drinking unsweetened tea help alleviate some of the sugar cravings, and most of the time, it was enough of a distraction from heading downstairs for a candy bar. In the ensuing few weeks, my digestion also returned to normal and in feeling better, that took away one of my stresses.

The next thing I began evaluating was my lunch—it was largely carbohydrate heavy and pretty filling, with only minimal protein or leafy greens. I began to search for other options: more greens, more protein, less bread, less rice.

By swapping out the starches for more vegetables and light, but satisfying protein, I found the tea-drinking habit even easier to stick with. The mid-afternoon carb cravings began to disappear—I no longer needed chocolate or candy to get through the afternoon, a cup of tea was enough.

With my new-found routine of a healthier lunch selection and an afternoon cup of tea, I lost 5 pounds and noticed my belly getting leaner again in just 5 weeks.  And feeling better about myself, my weight, and my abs definitely helped to reduce my stress.

What I learned is that when seeking any kind of health or weight goals, we need to consider our habits and routines, and see where they may be leading us astray.  While habits can be the hardest to change, those changes can offer the most profound, long-lasting results for achieving better health and an ideal weight.



Toffler Niemuth