Everything I Believed About Fat Loss Was Wrong. Here’s What I Learned Being 260 Pounds…

Plant-Based Diet Weight Loss

I never understood how people could get so fat. It’s easy to lose weight right? All you do is eat low fat foods and get plenty of exercise and before you know it you’ll be slim, trim and ready to enjoy life. Simple!

The main problem with this thought process is that it’s entirely wrong, which I now am aware of.

I have never in my life been what you would call thin. Although I wasn’t technically obese until a few years ago I was always pretty hefty, and for sure I was never healthy. My idea of eating healthy meant a chicken sandwich and some fat free chips.

At my biggest I was about 260 pounds and pretty miserable. Breathing was not easy, even if I was just laying down in bed or eating. I never had any clothes that I thought didn’t make me look like a huge blob of goo and I felt like I was always sweating no matter what I was doing.

I wanted a change, so I would eat food that I was told was healthy. I took up running and despite hating it more than anything in life I got ok at it. I would try different diet plans and deprive myself of bad foods while eating only good foods.

My weight never changed. I never felt better and I never felt like anything good was happening for me. Maybe you have been through some of these things? Maybe you are right now who I was for so long.

One night out of complete boredom I watched a film that started me on a journey towards weight loss and better health that will never end. This film, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is a film by a guy named Joe Cross and it changed my life forever. This guy Joe was really sick with a skin condition and was a lot heavier than I ever was, and he decided to try one last thing.

He went on an all juice diet for 60 days, and his results in the film are amazing. After the film was over I decided that I wanted to try juicing seriously. I had juiced before when I was doing all this running, but it never helped me.

The reason juicing did not help me before was because I would juice once in a while, and in between juices I would eat more of this healthy food we all hear so much about. Chicken, low fat salad dressing, low fat chips and a ton of other trash foods that are sold under the disguise of being healthy, but are really making us all fatter- and sicker.

But this time would be different. This time I would juice for every meal and when I went back to solid foods it would be truly healthy foods.

The weight loss lie wally brown

I Have Lost 70 Pounds Since That Day

  • I lost 12 pounds from juicing for 6 days
  • I lost the remaining 58 pounds over a period of about 3 months

I never exercise. It’s not that I am against exercise, I very simply am a normal American who does not have any free time, and when I do I really do not want to spend it at a gym.

What I Have Learned About Weight Loss & Healthy Eating

  • You do not have to change everything about your diet in one day
  • “Fat-free” foods are what were making me so fat and unhealthy
  • If you eat truly healthy foods you can shove as much of them in your mouth as you can swallow
  • Weight loss “experts” are often times scammers looking to make a quick buck from your pain

My tastes have changed 100% compared to how I used to eat. A bowl of fresh fruit is insanely great tasting to me now, and junk food makes my stomach hurt instantly. I am always hungry because I love eating, but this is not a problem for me anymore.

I eat when I want, and I eat as much of it as I want. I never gain weight and I never feel sick. I can breathe just fine. I also am no longer taking any medications for blood pressure or cholesterol. I have never in 40 years of life felt better.

So what is the secret to weight loss, great health and the ability to eat whenever you want to? It is called a plant based diet, and it could not be more simple to do. If you are thinking that you have to eat bowls of boring carrots or broccoli with nothing on them, you may be in for a huge surprise.

I believe 100% that a plant based diet absolutely will not only help any individual lose weight and be healthy, but is so easy to do and is so loaded with delicious food choices that there is no limit. On a plant based diet you can forget about counting calories or fat grams because they are meaningless.

On a plant based diet, you can become the person in your personal circle who can help everyone you know become more healthy, happy and lighter. Here’s to eating as much as you want!

Wally Brown

After living for many years with less than optimum health and weight issues, Wally Brown was lucky enough to realize what being truly healthy means. Now, his goal is to help as many people as possible realize that they can be healthy, fit and happy without schemes, fads or unhealthy habits. In a world full of myths and half-truths he is on a mission to share the best health information to as many people as possible.