Why it’s a Great Idea to Add Mushrooms to Your Coffee

Why it's a Great Idea to Add Mushrooms to Your Coffee

What would be a better way to start a day than the comforting aroma and flavour of fresh coffee. Unfortunately, for many people the acidity of this world’s most consumed drink causes stomach acid and long term use starts to deplete the adrenal glands, and may even result in chronic fatigue.

Is it a surprise that the most pleasant and rewarding substances don’t come without any downsides? But it might be a different game when you have a couple tricks up your sleeve!

The best way to enjoy a healthy cup of joe is to make a distinctive modern brew by adding some mushrooms to it – yes, mushroom coffee!

Now you might think that something like portabello coffee doesn’t sound too appealing. But there is a specific class of mushrooms that are called medicinal mushrooms, and those are lacking the more traditional “mushroomy” flavour.

Instead, they have a lot of bitterness, which is evident for our tastebuds that they contain strong medicinal properties. Thus, the bitter flavour of coffee is a perfect way to deliver these nature’s own medicines! I promise, if you didn’t know that the mushrooms were in there, you’d have no idea!

But why would you drink coffee in the first place?

  • Coffee is a great source of antioxidants
  • Coffee increases metabolism and helps with weight-loss
  • Coffee improves physical performance
  • Coffee makes you more focused and productive
  • Coffee can fight depression

And why would you add medicinal mushrooms to your coffee?

  • To make it less acidic – both the effects in the body and the taste (you might not need to add milk or sugar!)
  • To support adrenal glands and prevent adrenal fatigue
  • To up the antioxidant count by manyfold
  • Especially three different medicinal mushrooms work synergistically with coffee both flavour- and effect-wise: Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane. 

Adding highly alkaline-forming Chaga mushroom extract to coffee solves the acidity problem and results in a smoother taste.

On top of that you get amazing amount of antioxidants from this superfood mushroom and strong immune-enhancing benefits. Chaga mushrooms were actually used as a coffee substitute during the World Wars in Scandinavia because of their mild energizing benefits and the enjoyable taste.

Cordyceps helps us to produce energy on the cellular level.

As coffee’s energizing properties are based on stimulation of the central nervous system and the adrenal glands, combining it with the more balanced cellular energy boost of Cordyceps produces good results. So we can double the effects with half the caffeine!

Who wouldn’t be familiar with the afternoon cup of joe when the ‘brain fog’ hits? Coffee is known and well-studied for its effects on the brain and combining it with the nature’s own safe nootropic, Lion’s Mane mushroom is a great combo. Lion’s Mane can enhance memory and concentration, but also regenerates the nervous system.

So next time you feel like doing something extraordinary, why not try the ‘shrooms with you coffee? Give mushrooms a chance, what do you have to lose! With all medicinal mushrooms, it is important to make sure of the bioavailability. So make sure that the hard, woody mushrooms are extracted and not just powdered, before you add them to you coffee!

Lari Laurikkala

Product Manager at Four Sigma Foods
Lari Laurikkala is a Finnish food enthusiast and a teacher of natural living. He is changing the world one mushroom-eater at a time as the product manager of Four Sigma Foods, an US based company specializing on medicinal mushroom and herbal products.