Healing Digest Juice

Purple Cabbage Healing Digest Juice
Purple Cabbage Healing Digest Juice

It’s Juicy juice time again Young and Raw peeps! Lately I have been going back and forth with the research of juicing vs. drinking smoothies with the fiber and protein intact. A common claim made against juicing by some people is that we wouldn’t juice in nature, but I also know that in nature we didn’t have cancer and we also didn’t live in buildings or high rises. Our bodies have accumulated more stress and toxins in the past 100 years than any of our ancestors. Juicing fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs has proven to be one of the most healing practices we have in our tool box when it comes to things like dis-ease, cancer, hormonal imbalance and even digestive troubles. While I don’t believe in the word “cure all”, I do feel that juicing is an amazing opportunity for all of us to take back our bodies ability to heal naturally without the use of chemical pharmaceuticals or harsh practices.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, diabetic or have an eating disorder then a juice feast isn’t something you should take on. If you do choose to juice, make sure you have a qualified naturopath, nutritionist or someone to guide you through the process and monitor your progress. This is good advice for anyone who wants to do a juice feast, not just those mentioned in the “don’t juice” category.

Below is a quote by Dr. Schulze that I sited from his interview that is also links in this article. He is an amazing Naturopath and Herbalist, so I hope you’ll go through the interview and learn a little bit more about how powerful you are.


  • 2 Cups of Purple Cabbage
  • 3 Ribs of Celery
  • 1/2 Small Lemon (rind and all if organic) – leave out if you’re sensitive to the acid
  • 1/2 Green Apple

Instructions:┬áIt’s best to use organic produce. Otherwise, make sure to thoroughly wash your veggies prior to juicing them and always peel things like lemons and cucumbers if they have been sprayed with pesticides. Wash and chop your produce and put them through a juicer and serve right away.

“Cabbage juice is excellent and I’ve had patients drink about 8 ounces of cabbage juice a day in one ounce doses. It can be mixed with other juices too. The celery juice works really nice to cool the system, especially with ulcerative conditions.” ~ Dr. Schulze. Read his full interview on juicing here.


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