As a Self-Proclaimed Superfood Junkie, Here Are 4 Foods I Can’t Live Without

As a Self-Proclaimed Superfood Junkie, Here Are 4 Foods I Can't Live Without

It seems like there’s always a new food being claimed as the next “superfood”,  just about as often as there is a new jar of goop labeled the next “anti wrinkle miracle”. Trying to decipher which superfoods are legit and which ones are nothing more than a marketing gimmick can be tough. So allow me to bring you some clarity.

What is so super about these foods?

I’ll admit. I can be a superfood junkie at times. I get as excited about the next new superfood claiming the latest health benefits, as people get excited over the semi-annual Victoria Secret sale. I love anything that claims to boost my health and give me a long, prosperous life. But I equally dislike being duped.

The word “superfood” is really a marketing ploy used to describe food that has health benefits. Anything can be called a superfood, so it’s important to thoroughly research what you are planning on consuming. A superfood is really just a food high in nutrients. But to me, in order to classify something as a superfood, it has to be extremely high in health benefits, raw, organic, and contain medicinal properties.

4 amazing superfoods for total body wellness

1. Spirulina

My first ever superfood was this lovely gem. Spirulina is an algae powder that is the world’s highest source of complete protein. It is a potent source of an array of minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients, and enzymes.

2. Maca Powder

 Girl, me love me some Maca! The energy boost I get from this powder is off the chain yo! Maca is a powerful adapatagen, increases energy, endurance, strength, and the libido grrrrr. It contains more than 10% protein, nearly 20 amino acids, including 7 essential amino acids.

3. Chia Seeds

Cha, cha, Chia! We all remember our old chia pets and that dang commercial. Well, these are almost the same chia seeds. Of course, the chia seeds I eat are not chemicalized and stripped of their properties like the ones we make grass afros out of. They are organic, raw and food grade. Duh! Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin B, C and E and sooo much more I get tired just writing it all. It rocks, clearly.

4. Turmeric

This baby is by far the one superfood I obsessively make sure to consume on daily basis. Whether it’s sprinkling the powder in my green juices, post work out smoothies, teas, breakfast scrambles, or rice, I make sure to get plenty of Organic Turmeric.

What particularly interests me about turmeric is a study that credits Turmeric for the reason why India’s cancer rate is 10 times lower than that of the United States! In India, turmeric is an integral part of their daily diet. People who consume this as part of their normal diets have shown lower rates of cancer. In Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, turmeric being an anti-inflammatory, is used to treat a vast amount of illness ranging from IBS, constipation, poor digestion, arthritis, poor live function, and to protects against alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. I mean, it’s clearly the bomb diggity!

What are some of your favorite superfoods and how do you incorporate them? 

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