The Power Of Bentonite Clay For Detox & Health


The word ‘detox’ gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s become one of those buzzwords people use for everything from new diet programs to specific ‘superfoods’. While some chalk up the use of the word ‘detox’ to being just a buzz word, the fact is that it’s getting used so often because there is so much research being done in the area of detoxification.

As we become more and more aware of the impact we have on our natural environment, we are also becoming more aware of its impact on our bodies. We’ve learned that our air quality impacts our health and even using certain plastics can disrupt our hormones. With so much new information on ways in which we are bombarded by toxins, it’s no wonder that we’re also putting effort into learning how we can extract those toxins and flush them from our body naturally.

What Is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay is made up of volcanic ash, giving it an almost velvet feel. What really makes Bentonite special, though, is its electrical charge. When Bentonite Clay comes into contact with liquid, it changes and produces a kind of electrical charge that can absorb toxins, impurities and heavy metals.

Bentonite Clay has a powerful negative charge which acts as a sponge when it comes to these toxins and impurities. The negative charge attracts the positive charge in toxins and they are essentially absorbed into the clay. At the same time, the clay pulls out excess hydrogen from cells, allowing for them to be better oxygenated.

As a result of its powerful abilities, Bentonite Clay has been used for centuries by many different cultures. It can be prepared as a topical treatment, used in a soaking bath or taken internally. Its usefulness and diversity have made it universally popular and easy to find in its various preparations.

The Benefits of Bentonite Clay:

  • Helps remove heavy metal toxins during a fasting or detox period.
  • Helps removes THC metabolites helping marijuana users recover faster.
  • Alkalizing the body which helps balance pH and promote overall health.
  • Boosting good gut bacteria.
  • Purifies toxins in water.
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums.

How To Get The Most From Bentonite Clay:

To know which form of Bentonite Clay detox is right for you, it’s important to know your options. The following are the most popular forms of Bentonite Clay detox regimes and what they are most effective in treating.

1. Bath Soak

When used in a bath, it’s important to get the ratio of clay to water right so that you don’t end up in a pool of sludge. While it can create the need for a pretty intense clean up afterwards, soaking in a Bentonite Clay bath pulls toxins from the skin. This is a popular option for people who live in larger cities and find their skin bombarded by emissions, smoke and other forms of air pollution on a regular basis.

2. Skin Treatment

Bentonite Clay can be used an ingredient in masques or lotions or it can simply be mixed with water and used. Applying straight Bentonite Clay with water to the skin and letting it dry then removed has been shown to improve a variety of skin ailments. This approach is popular with people who want to treat eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

3. Oral (Drinking and Capsules)

Ingesting Bentonite Clay is a great way to detoxify your body from the inside out. Ingesting the clay orally can be done by simply mixing the raw clay with water or by taking prepared capsules. While there’s nothing wrong with drinking the clay straight up, though not many people like the gritty texture or the taste – it is dirt, after all. So capsules make the process much more palatable.

Some people claim during it straight is more effective than capsules but results tend to vary from person to person. Taking the clay orally has been shown to promote healthy gut flora, aid in nutrient absorption and to correct bacterial imbalances in the GI tract. Oral preparations are ideal for people with digestion problems or those who want to clear their tract after having an unhealthy diet for any length of time.

As with any kind of natural remedy, it’s important to consider your own health issues before using the clay. People with problem absorbing iron, for example, may need blood monitoring as they use the clay. Used wisely and responsibly, Bentonite Clay can be an effective part of your overall plan for health. Bentonite Clay is a diverse and effective detoxifier making it an accessible and effective option for home detoxification.

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