Protect Yourself from Dangerous Toxins by Eating Real Food

Check the Ingredients List
Check the Ingredients List

I read a pretty shocking statistic today, that more than 12,000 man made chemicals are added to our foods by manufacturers! How scary is that?! These chemicals could range from colorings and flavorings, to preservatives, acidity regulators and stabilizers, to sweeteners, glazing agents, anti-caking agents and bleaching agents!

The thought of putting these kinds of unnatural chemicals into my body is really not at all appealing. Not only do they sound icky, but many of these additives can have potentially harmful side effects on humans such as causing cancer and reducing fertility.

When it comes to eating food that isn’t fresh, tinned cans are also worrisome. The resin lining inside tins which contain preserved food contains BPA, which has now been linked to many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and fertility problems. If you eat too many products that are stored in cans, it can increase the levels of BPA in your body and thus increasing your risk of illness down the track.

So, try to keep the produce you eat as fresh as possible. I like to freeze produce that I can’t eat straight away, so I always have a store of food that I know doesn’t contain any of the scary chemicals that packaged foods contain.

How to Avoid these Dangerous Additives and Artificial Chemicals

The best way to avoid consuming unnatural additives is by eating a clean and natural diet that avoids packaged foods. This is why I love eating a raw food diet- it means cutting out any of the nasty extras that come in packaged and tinned foods. A raw food diet is really a very natural way of eating, which not only avoids the scary chemical additives with potentially harmful side effects, but it is also a clean diet that doesn’t include bad fats, excess salt, and simple sugars.

However, to really ensure you are avoiding as many toxins as possible, try to buy organic produce so that you can be sure you are not consuming produce that has been grown with chemical pesticides and fertilisers. In large amounts, these can be really toxic to the nervous system. I’d also recommend avoiding foods that have been genetically modified, as science still doesn’t know exactly what effects modifying a food might have on humans.

Toxins Hiding in Your Own Kitchen

As well as avoiding packaged and processed foods, there are also other things to be wary of in the kitchen. Did you know that aluminium leaches into food? Aluminium can accumulate in the brain and nervous system, and high levels of aluminium found in the brain has been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Also, food that is stored in aluminium produces a substance that neutralises the enzymes in the digestive tract, which can cause bloating, indigestion, IBS and ulcers. To avoid these side effects, you should not use aluminium cookware or products that have been stored in aluminium. I think it is best to store any leftovers you might have inside glass jars or containers- they will stay fresh and there won’t be any dodgy chemical reactions between the food and the glass.

If this all scares you a little, well, it should! But most of all, it is really important to be educated and conscious of the toxins in the world around you. That way, you have the choice to protect yourself and your family.

Always opt for the cleanest and freshest food that you possibly can at all times so that you are ingesting only what is best for you, and eating food as nature intended, and not how humans have manufactured it!

Simone Samuels

Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach at The Wellness Warung
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