Salt Lamps: A Natural Way to Relieve Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Deep in the Himalayan mountain ranges, we have reserves of the pink salt, the purest salt we can find anywhere in the world. Naturally, this salt has much to offer, and one way you can take advantage of all it has to give is by getting a salt lamp. It is basically a large chunk of Himalayan salt with a light bulb placed inside.

Salt lamps are a fairly new natural healthcare product that has gained massive attention from people all over the world. Healthcare enthusiasts are buying them by the dozen, scientists are testing out their effects and they are quickly being replaced as cheaper substituted for air-purifiers. I do still believe that air humidifiers are much more potent but salt lamps have something entirely different they bring to the table!

Negative Ions

All the hype regarding salt lamps started when it was revealed that they release negative ions into the air. Negative ions form when atoms get a negative charge on them by gaining an electron if you would revisit 8th-grade chemistry.

We are mostly surrounded by positive ions. These positive ions are emitted by a blue light which is radiated from our phone and laptop screens. Areas with high positive ions are areas with high environmental pollutants as well.

Salt lamps, on the other hand, emit a warm, orange glow. This glow is perfect for ridding the surroundings of positive ions and create a happier environment. Much like the sun does on clear days!

The Science

Now, negative ions have been known to create a positive environment in many ways. They are most commonly found near running water, for example near waterfalls or after heavy rain or a storm. Lightning also negatively charges the air around us.

This is why, you must have noticed that during rain or near natural places like waterfalls, you are automatically in a good mood. Scientists have done research on this phenomenon and discovered that people suffering from clinical depression frequently become happier when there are negative ions around them.

Mind you though, negative ions produced by salt lamps are nowhere near as much as produced by scientists and natural phenomena. So the effect they produce is slight in comparison to the others. Even then, the difference is quite noteworthy and commendable.

What do People Say?

Most people who have had their hands on salt lamps have nothing but good things to say about them, myself included! Seriously, since I put this little chunk of salt in my house I have noticed that my roommate and I are in a much better mood than we used to be.

I was usually ridden with stress and anxiety because of work, studies, and general problems of life which made me procrastinate more than be productive. But now I have noticed that even though I still procrastinate from time to time (old habits die hard), I am so much more productive than I ever was!

So get your hands on a salt lamp (it literally costs peanuts), and try it for yourself!

Jeffrey Lewis

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