Himalayan Pink Salt for Weight Loss?

With tempting recipes and innovative meal ideas surrounding us, shedding that extra stubborn body fat can be quite a challenge. Diet fads which turn out to be fruitless can really make a person lose motivation. In such a situation, it is better to go the extra mile and avoid shortcuts. That means combining a healthy well-balanced diet with portion control, regular exercise, and most importantly, a healthier lifestyle. While losing excess weight in itself is healthy, taking care of your body by using natural products and limiting processed foods is also essential.

In this day and age of processed foods, harmful chemicals and conflicting information, it is hard to watch out for what harmful substances could be present in products of everyday use marked ‘safe’. Even a simple ingredient such as table salt is excessively refined, bleached, and contains additives. So let’s start there – as far as salt is concerned, Himalayan Pink Salt is the way to go.

Hand-mined from ancient sea deposits found deep inside the foothills of the Himalayas, Himalayan Pink Salt is gaining immense popularity as the salt of choice, thanks to its unique taste and plethora of health benefits as an added bonus. What’s more, Himalayan Salt can also help in losing weight. Here are a few ways in which you can use this salt to help shed those extra pounds.

External Methods

  • Bathing in Himalayan Salt

Taking a bath in water containing Himalayan Pink Salt can reduce weight by removing excess water in your tissues. This is water that has been retained inside your body and gives it a swollen, puffy appearance.

  • Salt Sole Compress Wraps

For targeted fat reduction in specific areas of the body, it is recommended that elastic bandages be soaked in a 5% solution of Himalayan Salt in water, wringed, wrapped tightly around the targeted body part, and left for an hour or two. This is also said to work in a similar manner as Himalayan Salt baths. 

Eat The Salt!

When calories from excess sugar consumption are not burned through exercise or some physical activity, the extra sugars are converted to fat and stored underneath your skin! That’s basically how you gain weight. Add Himalayan Pink Salt to a clean, healthy meal instead of regular table salt, and watch how your sugar cravings start to decrease with time. The salt is often said to have a unique taste, and is preferred by modern chefs who are more aware of its exquisite flavor and health benefits. Himalayan Pink Rock Salt can be added in marinade, seasoning, as a preservative or to give flavor. The reduced sugar cravings could really be a great help for you achieve your goal weight.

Himalayan Pink Salt is of the purest salt available. This natural product is said to offer an amazing range of benefits, with its overall positive effects on the respiratory system, skin, sleep and even joint problems.

Jeffrey Lewis