The Lowdown on Viome: The At-Home Gut Testing Kit

Looking to tweak your diet for maximum benefits? For our 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge we have partnered with Viome who’s at-home testing kit evaluates your gut health and then provides you with personalised results.

We were super excited to discover the work they are doing and couldn’t wait to share it with you. While gut health may not seem the most glamorous topic, and hey, we don’t blame you if you’re not as excited about the gut as we are – let us change that!

So why the gut? Well, your gut is a “second brain”. 

Scientists call this second brain the enteric nervous system. And the enteric nervous system actually communicates with the brain in your head.

For instance, researchers believe that when your gut is irritated, it may trigger depression and anxiety. Could the gut be the real source of depression and anxiety?!

Lots of people had questions about how it all works, so we reached out to the Viome team for answers. And thought it’d be best to share those answers here for everyone.

#1 What does it mean to have a healthy gut biome?
The benefits of a healthy gut include:

  • A boost in energy and vitality (researchers at Cornell University even found a link between the gut and chronic fatigue syndrome).
  • Weight loss and reduced cravings. Your microbiome affects your weight, thyroid function, and insulin sensitivity.
  • Balanced hormone levels. A healthy microbiome promotes homoeostasis (balance) in your body, including your hormones. For instance, one study found a relationship between the gut biome with estrogen-driven diseases.
  • Radiant skin. The bacteria in your gut affects your skin, including adult acne.
  • Better sleep. The gut biome influences your circadian clock. And your circadian clock controls the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy.
  • Feeling naturally positive. Your gut biome is a key factor in stress levels, anxiety, and your risk for depression.
  • Improved focus and productivity. Studies have linked microbiome problems to impaired cognitive function.

#2 Can’t I just eat healthy food?
Well, we now know that foods that work for one person may not work for someone else. Even healthy foods.

Why? Because just like your fingerprint, your microbiome is unique to you. That means you have a unique mix of good and bad bacteria. So you need unique food recommendations to reduce the bad bacteria and increase the good bacteria.

#3 So how do gut health test kits work?
It’s really easy. They mail you a kit, you follow the directions, return your sample, and then you get your recommendations and you can do all of this from the convenience of your own home.

Keep in mind that Viome are the only ones who make personalized and accurate diet and nutrition recommendations. You can also see your recommendations in your app, which is pretty convenient when you’re out at a restaurant and want to check on a specific food.

#4 Who actually is Viome?
Viome is a team of leading entrepreneurs, scientists, and physicians who want to use the mounting science on gut health to help you heal your body and reach a new level of health.

#5 Will Viome try to sell me supplements or something?
Viome gives you actionable diet, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations. They don’t sell or endorse particular brands of supplements.

#6 What if I’m vegan/paleo/keto?
No problem! Viome can tell you exactly what you should eat, within your preferred diet.

Want to discover what’s going on in your gut? 

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