Sole Food: This Company is Creating “Pay What You Can” Organic Food Stands

Sole Food Has This Really Great Idea

Our dream is to open a pay-what-you-can organic veggie stand in the heart of the city. We want to turn the organic food landscape on its head and make good food available and affordable to the communities that really need it.

We’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund this project.

Join us in doing something uncommon and extraordinary to heal our food system and make our dream come true!

What is Sole Food? 

Sole Food Farms is an urban farming social enterprise based in Vancouver.

We employ residents from Canada’s poorest postal code, the Downtown Eastside, who are struggling to overcome poverty and addictions and teach them how to grow food. We have people who have worked with us from the beginning who before had never held a job for more than a few months before. We’re not trying to save anyone, we’re not a social service, but we’ve provided a platform for them to grow something real and the results have been profound. At our peak we have provided 26 full time jobs and we are most proud of that.

On top of our social mandate, Sole Food is building a credible model for urban agriculture. In 2013 we grew over 20 tons of food on vacant, unused lots in the Downtown Eastside. We also donated $22,000 worth of local, organically-grown produce back to the community. Our farm was recently voted “Best Producer/Supplier 2014” by the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Farmers’ market patrons will back us up – our food rocks!

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Kiri Bird

Campaign Manager at Sole Food Farms
Passionate locavore. Playful extrovert. Kiri is a Master's in Resource and Environmental Management Candidate at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In addition working with Sole Food and Sustainable SFU, Kiri loves cooking, dancing, laughing, loving and adventures - in that order, but backwards.