5 Non-Acidic Coffee Alternatives for Your Morning Ritual

Coffee is one of the worlds most popular drinks, and many feel that their daily routine is incomplete without its unique aroma and flavor. But aside from the obvious drawback of being dependence forming, there are a few issues with regular coffee intake. Our bodies need a specific, alkaline pH for optimal health and vitality. When we have consistent sources of acidic substances in our system each day, over time it can influence our health in a negative way.

Frequent use can also contribute to heartburn issues and temporarily interfere with your absorption of important minerals such as calcium and iron. Some people also find that coffee drinking impacts the look and texture of their skin in a negative way. Coffee can affect the function of the muscles that make up your digestive tract which can contribute to poor digestion and cramps. Various compounds found in coffee beans can place a stress on our all-important liver, which is also the organ responsible for detoxifying caffeine.

5 Coffee Alternatives

Dandy Blend


1. Dandy Blend:

Dandy blend is a unique concoction of roasted dandelion root, barley, chicory, beet and rye which has a similar smell and taste to coffee. However, it’s also naturally gluten-free, caffeine-free, rich in trace minerals and is not acid-forming. Dandelion root is a traditional liver support herb, so this drink makes an especially suitable substitute for those trying to kick their coffee habit while also nourishing their health.

Yerba Mate

2. Yerba Mate:

This traditional tea is a popular beverage in Argentina, Paraguay and some parts of Brazil. It boasts an impressive nutritional profile including high levels of antioxidants, minerals and chlorophyll which can balance its moderate caffeine content. Many favor yerba as an alternative to other pre-workout energizers due to its ability to make your body burn carbohydrates more effectively. Mate is also a great tonic for sluggish digestion. One of its traditional uses in South America is to help increase the production of stomach acid and bile.

Guayusa Tea

3. Guayasa:

Guayusa is also a favorite among South Americans, and is native to the Ecuadorian part of the Amazon Rainforest. This plant is in the same family as yerba mate, but is far less bitter than its relative. Rich in free radical scavenging polyphenols, guayasa also contains chlorogenic acid, which acts as an effective natural weight loss aid. It’s also a source of L-theanine, an amino acid which helps to modulate the effects of the caffeine it contains.


4. Maca Xpresso:

Maca root is yet another superfood that hails from the South American continent. It has long been used in Peru to help indigenous mountain populations adapt to the stressful physiological circumstances of living at high altitudes.

Maca is a powerful adrenal adaptogen and has a naturally energizing effect while being completely free of caffeine. Its adaptogenic quality helps your body to down regulate the production of stress hormones, which will also promote the function of your digestive and immune systems. Maca Xpresso is roasted and then finely ground black maca root that you can prepare in either a french press or filter pot just as you would your morning coffee!


5. Kick Start Artisinal Tea Blend: 

This popular herbal formula from the botanical dispensary Harmonic Arts has a unique and synergistic blend of herbs to help stimulate natural, balanced energy while providing the benefits of many exotic plant medicines. Raw cacao and chaga mushroom provide sustainable whole food energy, along with roasted dandelion root and ramon nut for their rich flavour. The blend also has guarana seed and maca root for a little extra boost of nutrients and energy. This tea blend is a great way to start changing your habits while still giving yourself the boost you need in the morning!


Madeleine Brown

Nutrition Ambassador at Young and Raw
Madeleine is a holistic nutritionist and freelance writer born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Having turned to holistic healing as a teenager to improve her poor digestion and chronic fatigue, she's now inspired to share her knowledge and experience gained over her many years of trial and error. She's constantly experimenting in her kitchen to develop new recipes and find simple yet delicious ways to prepare whole, raw foods!