A Superfoodie’s 5 Steps to Being Busy Without Burning Out

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I hear this phrase all the time, ‘just do what you love, and you’ll love your life.’ For someone who does what they love everyday, I know this isn’t true.

I need my body and mind to be in optimal shape before I can feel good living a busy life. The cogs have to be in the right place. The nuts and bolts have to be screwed in properly. Simply put, my body and mind have perform optimally, allowing me to do the things I love everyday.

Here’s a few of the simple tricks I’ve learned to love life everyday, especially when I’m busy.

1. Take Care of Your Adrenals 

Your Adrenal Glands work hard all day by producing the hormones you need to operate at a high level. If you find the bounce in your step is wearing off and your weeks feel like they’re getting longer, try these 2 simple tricks to give your adrenals a helping hand.

  • Each day you wake up, chug back a glass of salted water. Up to 1 tsp in 500ml-1L of water. Start with 1/8th tsp. This prepares your adrenals, giving them the salt they need for the whole day, preventing you from burning out and hitting the brick wall. Seriously, give it a shot.
  • Do an inversion or lay down throughout your day. Having a 15-minute power nap, or getting your head below the heart, in down-dog, headstand, or with your legs against the wall and back on the floor can give your adrenals a much needed time-out.

2. Take Adaptogenic Herbs

An Adaptogen is something that helps your body deal with and handle stress.  Imagine getting a flat tire during rush-hour on a single lane bridge while you’re on your way to your most important business meeting of the year. Now imagine staying calm through it—It’s possible.

There are many herbs out there that are considered adaptogens and support the body in dealing with stress in ways that a normal diet can’t. My favorites? Rhodiola and Siberian Ginseng tea in the morning, and Reishi and Tulsi tea in the evening. I also love nibbling on a stick of licorice root throughout the day. These are all available at your local apothecary.

Trying adding just two adaptogens to your diet and see if you notice a difference.

3. Make Stimulants Your Friend, Not Enemy 

Stimulants are used by the world’s population every single day to help us get the things done we need to get done. They often enhance our cognitive performance, our drive, and our ability to ‘get up and go’. So why not turn them into your best friend—not enemy?

When low quality stimulants are used, like sugary energy drinks and gas-station coffee, and when high quality stimulants are used in excess, they can be performance and health robbing.

If you ever need a stimulant to get through your day you’ve probably developed a dependency for it. Try having at least one day of your week be stimulant free. And instead of having your organic, single origin coffee everyday, try rotating with a couple other healthy stimulants:

4. Get Good Sleep: 

This is perhaps the most important part of loving your busy life. The quality of your sleep can decide the outcome of your whole day. Try these simple steps to optimize your sleep.

  • Dim the lights in your house a couple hours before sleeping.
  • Install the f.lux app on your computer. This app will turn the normal blue lighting of your computer into a daylight hue, giving your pineal gland the signal when the sun goes down to start producing melatonin, a hormone that helps you to enter deep restorative sleep. Downloadable here.
  • Make sure your room is quiet and dark… The smallest light and sound can disrupt your sleeping cycle. Go for Quality over Quantity. You’ll find with better sleep you’ll need to sleep less and get up quicker feeling more ready to love your day.

5. Practice Gratitude: 

It sounds goopy, but there’s nothing that will make you love your life more than taking a moment to appreciate something awesome. It can be as simple as appreciating the ground you walk on, a conversation with a friend, or a delicious cup of tea.

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Derek Rohde

Derek Rohde is the creative visionary behind Wise One Superfoods. A yogi, raw food chef, elixir craftsman and experience collector, he wishes to spread knowledge in the application of superfoods and herbs and the joyful pursuit of immortality.