The EPIC Smoothie

Epic Raw Vegan Superfood Smoothie
Epic Raw Vegan Superfood Smoothie

The EPIC Smoothie! Warning: This smoothie may cause increased energy, enhanced libido, glowing skin & other benefits. Only drink if you want to take your love of super foods to a whole new level!

Note: Cacao is a stimulant and can be damaging to the liver and brain when used in excess so it shouldn’t really be considered a health food. I’ve experienced breakouts and rashes on my back and this is a common side effect among people who are sensitive to it.

There are people who experience energy bursts from Cacao, however that’s because it is a stimulant/drug which comes with consequences on the brain and organs over time. Use cacao very sparingly or substitute for Carob which is a source of fiber and B Vitamins, and also promotes health for the digestive system.


2 tbsp Organic Lives Supermix base (cacao, maca, lucuma, mesquite, tocotrienols) or sub cacao for Carob which is what we do and I highly recommend it. If you purchase the blend from Organic Lives it’s already pre-mixed with cacao*
2 tsp xtra Premium Red Maca
2 tsp xtra Tocotrienols
1 tsp Shilajit
2 tbsp Hemp Protein
2 tbsp Hemp Seeds
1 tbsp Manuka active 16+ honey
1 tsp Bee pollen propolis jelly mix
2-3 Frozen, ripened bananas
2 cups Coconut Milk

Instructions: Put milk and powders in the Vitamix on speed 1. Turn it off and add frozen bananas, honey and hemp seeds and turn on speed 6-7 for 30 seconds or until the mixture is creamy and liquid.

If you’re wondering where to get all of these ingredients, you can get most of the super foods powders from RawGuru.comĀ 


Sheleana Aiyana