10 Signs You’re a Total Health Nerd

10 Signs You're a Health Nerd

So, you discovered a juice bar in a trendy part of town, tried your first green juice and haven’t looked back. You have come a long way from the frequented fast food stops to now being one of the first people to “Just Say NO to GMO!”. You drink green smoothies like it’s your job and your favorite accessory is your yoga mat. Well friend, welcome to the club!

Check out these 10 signs below to see if you are full blown ‘HEALTH NUT’ status:

1. You nearly pass out at the sight of anyone drinking water straight from the faucet. Filtered water is the only water that exists in your world.

2. Coconut Oil is your be all, end all ingredient and beauty product. Your secret ingredient for the best tasting sautéed veggies. Your secret ingredient for that beautiful, lush and young looking skin. Simple as that.

3. You spend 90% of your time in the produce aisle while grocery shopping. Even when you think you’re ready to check out, you swing back through for one final look.

4. Your produce list doubles as your antibiotics. Feel a sore throat, headache or body aches coming on? Your first instinct is to go for the ginger, vitamin c and whatever anti-inflammatory foods you have in stock.

5. You think there is no point to chocolate with a content below 70% cacao. The darker the betterIt’s totally justifiable to eat an entire bar because you are gaining perfectly good antioxidants…and with weather changes…and feeling a little sickness coming on…and because it’s Tuesday morning/afternoon/and evening…you NEED those antioxidants. Right? Yep. Perfect reasons. Keep the dark chocolate coming.

6. It’s just as easy for you to find your zen as it is to find your keys. You know the importance of  ‘you’ time and the power of meditation. You’ve replaced those 5 minutes every morning of checking social media with 5 minutes of deep breathing and a few stretches. You feel much more balanced starting your day as opposed to your old ritual of instant coffee and running out the door.

7. Your day isn’t complete without a green drink. Your friends think you’re weird…until your skin starts glowing and your bloat goes away. Then they all want your “glorious, glowing, gorgeous green drink” recipe. Consider your band wagon full.

8. You start reading the ingredient list on every product you buy. Food was just the beginning. You now glance at the ingredients in anything from your shampoo to your household cleaner. And you’re damn proud of it!

9. Your kids head to school with a packed lunch full of quinoa salad, veggies and hummus and an almond butter and jam sandwich on gluten-free bread. Never again will you make a sandwich with any “big business” meat slices or processed cheese because you know better now.

10. You feel better, look better and have that confidence you used to only hear about. You are making some subtle, modest changes that make it super easy to maintain the life you have been dreaming about…. and the best part? YOU did it! You skipped the detrimental “quick fix” options which would surely leave you hungry, angry and gaining weight in the long run to the sustainable and ultra simple lifestyle you now love.

For those of you that relate, spread the word! Tell a friend to switch out whatever cooking oil they use for coconut oil. Introduce a  family member to eco-cleaning products as opposed to the toxic, poison ones. Be proud of your new lifestyle and help others make a few simple changes to better their own when they ask for support. That’s the beauty in all of this, you gain the power to change lives, so get to it!



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