5 Healthy Documentaries I Recommend to Everyone

5 Healthy Documentaries I Recommend to Everyone

There are so many ways to stay informed these days. Normally, our first thought is to head to the Google search bar in need of an immediate answer to the pending question in our minds. Cell phones, internet access and numerous media sources are what comes to mind when in search of current issues going on in the world. A major source of alternate opinion that I frequent? Documentaries.

Documentaries are a great way to expand your consciousness, especially in the health world. You can find a film lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours and packed full of information you may have never even knew existed… or at the very least, offer an interesting opinion that will leave you curious for more. Topics can range anywhere from political content to tales of great leaders and even ancient folklore. If you are anything like me, you tend to land on the subject of health and wellness and then take about thirty minutes making sure you picked the right film because there are at least a handful you’d like to let consume you. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite food documentaries and the best part is…. you can watch them ALL on Netflix right now!

1. Fresh. – This provocative and captivating documentary will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about “big business” food politics and how you can be a part of the overwhelming group of people all over the world who want to revolutionize the way we grow food, eat and stay healthy. With a focus on local, home-grown and sustainable communities, Fresh will change the way you see your food.

2. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Juice lovers, UNITE! This playful yet shocking documentary walks you through the incredible transformation of one man. Joe Cross goes from being at risk of developing a laundry list of serious medical problems to becoming what some could consider the poster boy for success and health. Watch him drink a steady juice diet for 60 days in this profound and strong documentary.

3. Vegucated – A small group of people. One challenge. Six weeks… go vegan. This eye-opening documentary is perfect for you or your friends that are just coming into the world of health and health food. It takes a small group of people who know nothing about the food industry, who all eat a pretty standard diet, and walk them through the in’s and out’s of going vegan and what exactly this means. It is a great introduction for those wondering where “fast food” comes from and perfectly depicts the saying “we are what we eat”.

4. Craigslist Joe – One man, living solely off Craigslist for 30 days. This film restored my faith in the human race… I’ll leave it at that. It doesn’t have much to do with food but I think leaving such a touching story off this list would be unjust. Enjoy this breathtaking film showcasing the decency that does still exist in this beautiful world.

5. Food Inc. – This documentary pushed the growing UNpopularity of “big business” food industries into the limelight and never looked back. It is, at times, hard to watch but it is necessary to see. It shows the ever troubling battle between small farms and big corporations and just what it takes to make the food we consume. A maddening yet beautiful portrayal of our food system and how it could, and hopefully will, continue to improve by taking small but significant steps in the right direction. Watching this documentary sheds new light on the fact that we, the consumers, do have the power to change our food system but we MUST take the initiative to do so.

Whether you need some weeknight enlightenment or looking to fill your Saturday “date night” movie slot, any of these documentaries will be a wonderful choice to leave you feeling fulfilled, empowered and far more knowledgeable about a topic you already feel passionate about. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


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