3 Ways to Support Your Child in Becoming a Wellness Warrior (Good Tips for Mama Too!)

3 Ways to Support Your Child in Becoming a Wellness Warrior
Can you imagine how much easier your health journey would’ve been if you were taught about wellness when you were younger? It would’ve made things so much easier to remember, to integrate, to maintain, and it would have transformed your life sooner rather than later. Now is your chance at a do-over with these three attainable steps.
Three steps for helping your child break the chains of the standard way of living, begin her own health journey, and become the next wellness warrior.

1. Daily gratitude journal

Have your child pick out a journal that will become her dedicated gratitude journal. Then sit down with your child and help them write three things that they are grateful for that day. It doesn’t matter what they write, how big, small or silly.  My daughter often writes that she is grateful for getting a delicious lunch and not a salad, or for getting to sit next to her best friend. What they write doesn’t have to be Dalia Lama deep; it just has to be anything they are thankful for.
Overtime you will notice a change in your munchkin. You will notice that they have become more appreciative, more thankful for all things, and their attitude will only grow more and more towards positivity.  Gratefulness is a skill we should all learn, and the younger you to teach them, the better. As a bonus, their gratitude journal makes an excellent gift for when they reach adulthood. They will have a fun time reading the old entries and reliving those memories.

2. Develop a meditation practice

Getting a child to sit still and meditate may make some of you cringe and laugh, or scoff and roll your eyes. Just like it takes practice with us, it will take practice with your kids. Start your child’s meditation practice using a guided CD. They are more likely to actually sit still if someone guides them, rather than told to sit in a corner and not move or think. There are plenty of children friendly meditations out there, buy one, and then find a quite place for your child to listen to it.
Start with 5 minutes. For 5 minutes they can listen to the audio and as this becomes a habit, you can increase the amount of time. Meditation is powerful, especially for kids. It provides them with the tools needed to help with night terrors, social anxieties, bullying, learning disabilities, sleep problems, and so much more. We try to prepare our children the best way we can to face the real world, meditation is one of the greatest resources you can provide them with.

3. Affirmations

One of the best things you can do is teach your child the power of words. Teach your children how words can be used to make them feel better and happier. Explain to your child that how they speak to themselves is how they will feel. Throughout the day whenever you hear your child say something negative, stop them, and ask how they can spin that comment into a positive. This will teach children to look on the bright side of things instead of constantly dwelling on the negative. Something we all can benefit from.
As your child grows and develops a better understanding of what the above all means, she will be able to integrate and connect more and more with all of these steps. Imagine raising a child full of self-love, confidence, appreciation, and gratitude? Imagine raising a child with full control of her thoughts, and feelings? It’s pretty awesome isn’t it? With these three steps you can help the next generation become the next wellness warriors.

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