Cleanse Your Body & Declutter Your Home with a Fall Clear Out

Ok, so as it’s now officially September, I feel that the holidays can be brought up. The Fall-Winter segment of the year is a full time – in both food and gifts. This can clog up our digestive system and clutter our house too. So why not get on top of it now, so can stress less. September is the perfect time for a Fall Clear Out.

This last weekend, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and my family and I devoted an entire day to cleaning. We cracked open all the windows, and set to work.

Most of what we did was clearing out of old objects we know we no longer need. We went through our closets and removed clothes we no longer wear and will be giving to the Salvation Army. We cleared our pantry of old bottles, jars and food we will not be eating. We got rid of shoes, food from the fridge, and my sister even cleaned out her office full of artwork and art supplies!  

We found that the act of making space in our home, helped us to feel that we were making space for new things in our lives. I believe that how we keep our outer space does connect with how we keep our inner space. If you don’t have a day to devote to this, don’t worry. If you are up for the challenge, I would like to offer up another little challenge to you, if you are willing…  

Try including a green smoothie a day for 28 days to clean and make space in your internal environment (your body), and as you do so, you may feel more motivated to do the same with your external environment! So along with a daily smoothie, see if you can clear one item from your home that you no longer need every day for those 28 days. It can be small things like key chains or pencil cases, or large things like items of clothing or furniture. It does not matter the size, simply the act of moving items that no longer serve you is all that is required.

Clearing what no longer serves opens up room in your life for new things that will serve your highest good in the future you are creating for yourself, here and now.

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