Follow these 2 Simple Steps to Get Your Daily Smoothie on Track

I have been thinking about the importance of routine, when adding new habits into my life lately, and I thought that I would share what I have been thinking with you.  

I know for myself, that when I am trying to implement a new habit into my life, that at first it requires some discipline. After all, I am a very routine-oriented creature, so beginning something new can sometimes be a little challenging! To make it easier on myself, I have developed a system that helps me to make the changes I want to make in the most painless way.  

1. Set a reminder

What I do is I set a time of day that is dedicated to my new habit. If I am wanting to start having a smoothie every day, I will say at 8am I will make that smoothie. By setting a specific time for my new habit, I find that I am less susceptible to allowing the whole day to get filled with other things before I get to my new desired habit. If 8am is set aside for having a smoothie, I know that it’s an easy win at the start of the day. I will go so far as to write it in my daytimer so that it feels like a real appointment. You can also set a reminder on your phone. Anything to signal to myself that I intend to take this seriously 🙂

2. Remove barriers

My second tool is to be as prepared as I can be. If I know I need something for my new habit, be it a new blender, soaked seeds or nuts, frozen berries or whatever else, I set myself up so that I have what I need in order to be successful. This works if you are trying to add physical activity to your life, by making sure you have the proper tools to do so i.e. a high-quality blender, fresh produce in the fridge, any superfoods or plant-based protein powders etc. Making sure you have what you need before you need them is really motivating and removes any barriers to following through.

I feel that these two simple steps can make the transition into your new routine a little easier.

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