5 Food Rules for Travelers to Stay Healthy and Fit Away from Home (with video)

Travelling is exciting for the eyes but not always for the mouth so the
wrong bite can lead to a bad trip even if you don’t actually get sick.
Although most of the fun is enjoying the local fare, keeping a few
consistencies will keep you comfortable and balance out some food-ventures gone wrong.

1. Water Works
Drink as much as you can since you will probably be more active than usual and when in doubt, order bottled water. Although many places praise their tap, bottled may be your best bet. On a trip to Brazil I ordered bottled water but they brought me the ice from tap water so needless to say I spent the plane ride home in the bathroom!

2. Do Breakfast Right
Now is definitely not the time to skip breakfast. Being out of your
element can raise stress levels (using more energy) and touring around town may burn more calories than your daily grind at home. Since most social plans are made for dinner and may involve a mystery menu, use breakfast as an opportunity to fill up on the right foot. Every town has some sort of market, explore it for your favorite fruits and veggies. Potassium packed bananas, good fat avocados and carb rich apples are pretty practical since thicker skinned fruits are easier to eat, spoil slower and will avoid crowding your hotel or host’s fridge.

3. Smoothie Groove
If you are an everyday smoothie/juice person like me, prepare to improvise heavy. I’m always sure to bring some packets of various powders that can easily dissolve into water, juice or milk to keep my smoothie groove going. Things like acai powder and spirulina are easily dissolved into citrus and since you may not have a blender at your disposal, these are great go-to’s. I live by this citrus spirulina protein drink.

4. Keep it Simple
When the menu isn’’t in your language (or even your alphabet) just ask for grilled, sautéed or raw veggies. This quick and easy plate translates to every chef. From there you can add a grain or a protein of your liking but at least you have a start with something not covered in a sauce or with something else you may not want.

5. Go Go Gadget Granola
Granola is my jam. Outside of the US, it’s also known as muesli and can be a great energy go-to for the mornings if you need a little more than fruit. Granola stores well and can also be bagged for a snack while you are out and about. Be sure to choose a granola that is high in fiber and contains no added sugars.

BONUS TIP: Try to keep some normalcy to your daily diet since depending on your destination, your body clock may be stressed. Being able to control what you can, through what you eat will help you stay in balance. Bon voyage!

I’m currently traveling Europe, visit my blog for more tips and my foodie experiences while on the road.

Lynnette Astaire

Lifestyle Expert at Live Lynnette
Lynnette Astaire is a lifestyle expert and raw food chef with 15 years
of plant based cooking experience and 10 years of juice detox fasting
experience. She spends much of her time off the Pacific Coast of Mexico at
LiveLoft, her juice detox and raw food seaside retreat as well as
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