8 Benefits of Drinking Agarwood Tea

Agarwood Tea
Agarwood Tea

It seems that the famous celebrity, Doctor Oz, got us all thinking about the benefits drinking of green tea, and so, a ton of little-known herbal teas were brought into the forefront of the media, due to their slimming and detox properties.

Some of these natural loose leaf teas may be new to us in North America, but they are not new, in any sense of word, to the world around us.

One such herbal tea is the virtually unheard of agarwood tea leaves. While it is a predominant force in Asian medicinal and spiritual practices, not too many of us have incorporated it into our health regime.

For those of you who are thinking about what you drink just as much as what you eat, agarwood tea leaves are a great alternative to a hot, caffeinated tea, or a refreshing, cold, thirst quencher. With zero caffeine energy and natural hydration without the sugar, it gives you a power punch of surprising health benefits.

8 Benefits of Drinking Agarwood Tea

1. It’s a natural detoxifier!

2. It’s a natural way to remove harmful toxins from your body (such as mercury).

3. Agarwood tea is a natural diuretic to get your digestive system on “track”.

4. It promotes healthy, clear skin.

5. It stabilizes blood sugar

6. Agarwood tea helps blood flow

7. It’s caffeine and sugar free

8. Agarwood tea also promotes healthy body weight (it may also help promote healthy weight loss).

Ways to Drink Agarwood Tea Leaves: You can receive the same health benefits from drinking the tea either hot or cold.  Either, steep the leaves in boiling water, or strain and refrigerate to drink it cold.

Do’s and Don’ts of Agarwood Tea

Do ensure that you purchase a chemical free and premium product (we recommend www.asianagarwood.com).

Do try to drink tea made with full leaf teas (did you know that bagged tea only uses the tips of tea leaves?)

Don’t get fooled into buying agarwood tea made from the bark of the tree (it is illegal and environmentally unsustainable).

Don’t get trapped into buying large quantities, or low-grade tea from wholesalers who seem to dominate the market (there are small business out there too).

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