9 Ways to Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure with Food

Elevated blood pressure increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. By making these simple changes in your lifestyle it can help you prevent and lower high blood pressure!

Here Are 9 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure:

1. Limit salt intake. Processed packaged food contains a lot of salt. Limit these foods to help you with reducing your salt intake. Also, try to limit the amount of salt you cook with and put on your food.

2. Limit alcohol intake. Studies have shown that alcohol consumption may play a role in increasing your blood pressure.

3. Limit fatty meat and dairy. Foods that are high in fat may be increasing your blood pressure.

4. Increase your physical activity: Make sure to stay active throughout the day. For easy ideas of how to stay active, click here. When staying active, keep your heart rate elevated. For example, if you are walking, pick up the pace so you breathe a bit heavier and your heart rate increases. More intense physical activity is what will help you with lowering your blood pressure.

5. Increase your fruit and vegetables consumption.

6. Increase your intake of: Potassium rich foods such as leafy green vegetables, avocados, bananas

7. Increase your intake of Vitamin C rich foods. Here are some examples of such foods.  Vitamin C can help with lowering blood pressure directly or indirectly by lowering your cholesterol levels.

8. Add Garlic to your cooking.

9. Blend, juice or eat celery.

If you are currently on blood pressure medication, do not discontinue use without a consultation with your physician. A healthy blood pressure is a step to a healthy lifestyle!