A Nutritionist Keeps it Real: 5 Authentic Health Tips for Everyone to Live By


1. “Healthy” is a relative term and will be experienced and defined differently by everyone. Know what health means and feels like for you and continue to do things that strengthen your commitment to it.

2. Eat more vegetables – the verdict is in and it seems everyone among the nutrition spectrum would agree. Eat your veggies and in my option, choose raw as well as cooked.

3. I don’t care what kind of sugar you’re eating, how low it is on the glycemic index or how natural it is. Truth is, if you are consuming large amounts of it you’re putting yourself at risk of diet related health problems.

4. Find a spring water source and drink up! Check out FindASpring.com to locate one near you.

5. You can eat the cleanest diet in the world, drink the best water and eat no sugar but the truth of the matter is, is that if you don’t know how to manage your stress, enjoy life, laugh a little and have a good night sleep it’s probably not really worth it.

My name is Rachelle Girardin, I am the founder of a Nutrition Company called Beyond Nourished and I’m all about keeping s*it real. We’ve got a lot going on in this world of ours and I see clients every week who are sweating the small stuff around health and nutrition. Here’s a reminder: keep things light, love yourself, smile and do more of the things that make you happy…everything else will fall into place.

Rachelle Girardin

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