Everything You Need To Know Before, During and After A Detox!

Before you jump into a detox, there are a number of things to do ensure that you are on the right track. Apart from giving you beautiful skin, a detox also cleanses your body from within by flushing out harmful toxins that can cause symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and an inability to focus. A detox is not a magic solution, but a way to give your body the space and resources it needs to put towards healing. Overall, this helps to rejuvenate your body and mind. To reap the most benefits, here’s what you need to know and do before, during and after a detox.


It’s important to prepare both your body and your mind for a detox as this helps you to move through the process with more ease. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to prepare you for the process:
1. Learn about the detox process: Before starting anything, the first thing you need to do is learn about the detox process. That way, you are mentally prepared for it and know what to expect. By learning how the body works, you can also better understand the impact certain foods have in your body. This understanding can help you make the best choices for you and give you the motivation to stay on track.
2. Record how you feel before the detox: By recording how you are feeling in a detox journal, you can become more aware of the mental and physical changes that take place. So write down what you notice about yourself now; how you feel, what your skin is like, any aches and pains, energy levels etc. You can even take a photo of your face to track changes in your skin. You can use this to assess the progress of the detox and how it has benefited you.
3. Start changing your diet even before starting: Transitioning your diet overnight can be a shock to the system. It can cause issues with digestion due to the sudden transition. Scale down the processed and unhealthy foods, and keep your diet very light. Also, fill yourself with water, and cut back on caffeine or alcohol.When you adjust your body to the diet gradually, you will be comfortable during the detox. If you are feeling tired and dull, get plenty of sleep so that you are well rested for when you begin.
4. Take advice professional advice: It’s important to ensure that what you will be eating is adequate to support your needs, so seeking the supervision of a naturopath or a dietitian is a good choice. You can also follow professionally-designed cleanse such as the 21 Day Raw Food Reset.


A detox is just the start of a gateway to a healthier diet and a healthier you. So don’t compromise and give it your best shot.
5. Make a plan and stick to it: Once you have a detox plan, stick to it. If you have planned to eliminate something, follow through. You can gradually add it back to your diet later if you need to. Some choices may be difficult but just think about the way you want to feel in your body and this will help keep your motivation up. If you ever feel like quitting, think about all the efforts you put in preparing yourself and let the craving pass.
6. In with the whole food, out with the processed items: In a wider perspective, detox is all about eliminating unhealthy foods and adding healthy foods to your diet. So resolve to eat whole foods for as long as the cleanse lasts. It may be tough to ditch all those convenient fast foods and packaged foods, but once you get habituated to it, you will start enjoying it. Most detoxes are started with the aim to cut down on unhealthy foods and cleansing, however, if you do feel cravings, listen to these and make a healthier choice.


Post detox, you will emerge feeling fresh and great about your body. It’s time to keep this up!
6. Be kind to yourself: Post detox, you may feel a little more sensitive, so treat yourself gently. You may also feel more attuned to your body, which is great. Continue drinking plenty of water as it will help flush toxins through. Try not to overexert yourself and rest when you need to.
7. Adopt whole foods as a lifestyle, not just as a detox: Now that you’re starting to get used to fresh, whole foods, keep that momentum rolling. This is an opportunity to transition into a fully fledged plant-based diet without even realising it. Keep up the healthy habits, and if you feel like a snack, choose healthy snack options.
8. Extend the mindful practices: If you want to make the benefits last a longer, try to incorporate some of the detox habits into your lifestyle, like chewing slowly, drinking water, taking probiotics, consuming organic and healthy foods, avoiding too much consumption of alcohol or caffeine, and exercising and meditating every time you feel stressed.
Detox is a great way to get back in shape. You feel much better post a detoxification. You have more energy and feel fresh and rejuvenated. Not just that, you get mental clarity along with loads of physical benefits like good digestion, clearer skin, etc. While you can do another reset when you need, the more you can make these principles a lifestyle choice, the better you will feel every day.
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