Fresh Guacamole

Young and Raw Guacamole
Young and Raw Guacamole

Caleb makes the best guacamole around, so today I wanted to post the recipe for you to play with. Because of the high sodium content in Celery, they serve so well as a chip alternative with this guac. It’s a very filling dish even though it only takes 5 minutes to prep, so we eat it as a snack or a full on meal some days!


3-4 Avocados
tspn fresh minced garlic or garlic powder
1/8 tspn chipotle powder
1-2 tbspn of raw honey or agave nectar
1/2 tbspn pink himilayan salt
a few dashes of onion powder

Optional: Chop veggies and mix them in (peppers, onions)

Celery Red Pepper and Cucumber for Guacamole
Celery Red Pepper and Cucumber for Guacamole

Serve & Enjoy

♥ Young and Raw

Sheleana Aiyana

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