How to do a Green Smoothie Detox and Shed Water Weight

How to do a Green Smoothie Detox

There are so many ways to detox your body, but once in a while, a green smoothie detox can give you a nice little reset when you’re feeing sluggish or bloated. A green smoothie detox has many benefits, but the most noticeable are the quick loss in water weight, more vibrant looking skin, and an increase in energy. Some people report literally giving up coffee overnight during a green smoothie detox because they have so much energy naturally.

Here’s how to do a Young and Raw Approved Green Smoothie Detox. You can do this for just one day, or up to 7. If you’re going to do 7 days, you may want to include a chia pudding for dinner, or a large green salad with some olive oil and avocado to ensure you’re still getting enough fat.

Wake up:
2 cups water with a teaspoon of chia seeds and juice of one lemon
Supplements (Omega 3’s, B Vitamins, Liver/Kidney Detox Herbs)

Green Smoothie 1: Deeply Nourishing Breakfast Smoothie
Green Smoothie Detox
Green Smoothie 2: Anti-inflammatory Electrolyte Booster 
Green Apple Smoothie
Green Smoothie 3: Low Sugar Green Smoothie Raspberry-Green-Smoothie Green Smoothie 4: Deep Green Sugar Free Smoothie
Deep Green Sugar Free Smoothie
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Sheleana Aiyana