Keep Warm While Juicing By Adding These 3 Ingredients!

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That time of the year is upon us. Yep, it’s getting colder and colder out there! If you’re anything like me you don’t like to give up on your juicing during the fall or winter, but some days the chill in your bones isn’t exactly motivating you to pour a nice cold glass of juice for yourself!

The good news is there are specific ingredients you can add to your juices to warm up your body temperature. You may even feel a nice warmth immediately as you drink some of these. I know I do!

1. Ginger

Since ancient times ginger root has been used as a warming remedy. Recent studies have found that one of ginger’s warming effects stem from its thermogenic properties, more specifically the warmth that is produced from metabolic processes going on in the body after it’s consumed.

This increase in your body’s metabolism also means an increase in the amount of calories you burn in a day. This means you get to warm up while shedding some extra weight! A good thing for many people around or after the holiday season!

Ginger also increases circulation in the body which helps you feel warmer during the cold times of the year.

Tips For Juicing With Ginger: It’s much easier to use fresh ginger and simply drop it into your juicer along with your other ingredients! If you don’t have access to fresh ginger you can also add it to your juice in its powder form. You’ll want to stir it well, seal it in a mason jar and shake it up, or mix your juice and the ginger powder together in a blender. This will help to better separate the powder so it doesn’t become clumpy in your juice.

2. Cinnamon

Chinese medicine uses cinnamon quite often for its warming properties as well as it’s circulatory benefits. The bonus of using cinnamon during the colder season is that quite a few holidays happen around the same time. Cinnamon makes a tasty addition to a holiday juice or smoothie! This delicious pumpkin spice smoothie uses both cinnamon and ginger!

Tips For Juicing With Cinnamon: You’ll be adding cinnamon in its powder form to your juices so you’ll want to either seal your juice and cinnamon in a mason jar and shake it up well, or add your juice and cinnamon to a blender together. I’ve tried stirring it up with a spoon several times, only to have my mouth covered in cinnamon powder! I was persistent and kept trying over and over again, but I wanted to save you the trouble and recommend you try the mason jar or blender method.

3.Cayenne Pepper

I probably don’t need to tell you that cayenne pepper is hot? Cayenne pepper’s warming abilities come from an active component contained inside named capsaicin. This compound has thermogenic properties similar to those found in ginger.

Tips For Juicing With Cayenne Pepper: You’ll want to start out with a really small amount of cayenne pepper! The stuff can be really hot! Like burn your mouth hot! It would be wise to begin with only a half teaspoon to a full teaspoon your first time.

Just like with ginger powder and cinnamon powder you’ll want to either seal it with your juice in a mason jar and shake it up, or add the juice and cayenne pepper to a blender to mix it all in well.

This warming ginger detox elixer would also be a great way to start your day during the chilly time of year!


Sean Carey

Juicing Specialist at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes
After struggling with being overweight for a lot of his life, and being
diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis Sean found juicing. Through juicing,
juice cleansing, diet changes, and lifestyle changes he has lost over 80
pounds and no longer experiences any symptoms associated with psoriatic
arthritis. He now dedicates most of his time to helping others by
sharing the power of juicing and raw living foods.