7 Transformational Health Benefits Of Doing A Juice Cleanse

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Juice cleansing isn’t simply the latest health trend, it’s been around for awhile, and there are many reasons why. Here are 7 transformational benefits of a doing a juice cleanse that could possibly change your life!

1. Changing Your Taste buds

When you do a juice cleanse (especially for a longer period of time) you give your taste buds a break from all of the chemical additives and artificial flavors that are placed in processed and “fast” foods. You also supply your body with nutrition it has been craving, needing, and not getting from these foods! A big part of the overeating epidemic that is plaguing today’s world is connected to the body not getting what it really needs.

When you’re done with your juice cleanse you’ll very likely find that the “foods” you thought were so great don’t taste very good, but real foods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and seeds taste heavenly. This is because you’ve taken your taste buds back and can actually taste the food for what it really is!

2. Eliminate or Reduce Headaches

Many times headaches are caused by dehydration, a lack of nutrients in your body, or the retention of toxins or tissue irritants within the central nervous system.

Even though some people experience an increase in headaches the first few days during their juice cleanse, in the long run it usually helps reduce or get rid of them. The two biggest reasons some people experience headaches the first few days are because they are either getting off of caffeine, or they are going through detox. Once these both pass they find that their daily headaches have diminished greatly!

The good news is there are easy ways to reduce detox symptoms which can also possibly help with that initial headache.

3. Developing A Healthy Relationship With Food

A whole lot of the world revolves around food! People use it to socialize over, gather around it for the holidays, and we eat more or less of it when we’re not feeling well. Many people binge on food to get away from emotions or thoughts they don’t want to deal with, and generally speaking almost anywhere you go you will find people eating food.

When you do a juice cleanse you’ll quickly realize within a few days how much you depend on food for various reasons. You might think that food is just something you eat to fill your belly, but will be surprised when you realize how much time you actually spend thinking about food for reasons other than that. Many people deal with their painful or not so happy feelings by stuffing them down with food. What you think are hunger pangs, are many times the feelings calling out to be dealt with by overeating!

A juice cleanse really brings this to light and forces you to deal with your feelings without using food to gloss over them. You then begin to see food for what it really is. Nutrition packaged in beautiful colors and flavors!

4. Confidence

Working through and learning that you can deal with your feelings and thoughts without using food as a crutch builds confidence. Realizing that you’re capable of sticking with something that you started like a juice cleanse is also a confidence booster. You may learn things about yourself and your own inner strength that you never knew before. I always come away from a juice cleanse having learned something new about myself that I didn’t know before.

5. Healing

Countless people have lowered their blood pressure, lowered their cholesterol, reduced inflammation in their body, healed themselves of diabetes, reversed an auto-immune disease, or transformed their health in one way or another through juice cleansing! Doing a juice cleanse can be nothing short of miraculous for some, and this is another reason you hear so much about it!

6. Healthy Weight Loss

This is one of the biggest reasons people come to juice cleansing in the beginning. All of those before and after photos you see out there aren’t made up. Doing a juice cleanse for weight loss works! Some of the healing people experience comes as a side effect of losing weight. I’ve personally lost over 80 pounds through juicing, diet change, and doing juice cleanses and I know I’m not alone!

7. An Overall Feeling Of Well Being

The juices you’re drinking during your juice cleanse are not just colorful liquid, they’re nutrient dense beverages loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutritional goodies you normally don’t get in huge doses on a daily basis! Drinking these nutritional cocktails throughout the day for any amount of consecutive days (even just one!) can lead you to experiencing other positive benefits that can only be described as a feeling of well being.

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Sean Carey

Juicing Specialist at Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes
After struggling with being overweight for a lot of his life, and being
diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis Sean found juicing. Through juicing,
juice cleansing, diet changes, and lifestyle changes he has lost over 80
pounds and no longer experiences any symptoms associated with psoriatic
arthritis. He now dedicates most of his time to helping others by
sharing the power of juicing and raw living foods.